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Angharad Thompson Rees

Passion Storyteller, Event, Review & Travel Writer Covering a plethora of topics such as food, wine, travel, event …

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Specialisms: Travel, Food

Jenna Hodgins

Freelance journalist and copy editor

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Skills: Editor

Zakaria Shalih

High-functioning Conspiracy Theorist with fetishism of Massive Crossovers

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Cara Cotner

Berlin-based creative copywriter, editor, and journalist with eight years of experience in content marketing and communications management.A native …

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Cyd Casados

American born, London-based. Freelance Health & Wellness Writer. Author of The Daily Action Plan: Steps to Finding a …

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Skills: Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: Art

Davidlee Jolley

I write. Made an indie comic with a good friend and had to temporarily bring it to a …

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Aanya singh

Currently i am pursuing my bachelors in journalism and mass communication. I am currently aiming to polish my …

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Nik Papageorgiou

I am a science journalist with EPFL in Switzerland. Also a cartoonist (Main: The Upturned Microscope|Freelance at EPFL …

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Specialisms: Art

Ana Sophia Sovernigo

Me chamo Ana Sophia Sovernigo, tenho 20 anos e sou graduanda da 6ª fase do curso de Jornalismo …

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Tejrina Malik

Creative Visionary | Digital Content Strategist | Designer by Passion I have worked across various industries and with …

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Mintautas Vilkelis

Young video producer with a passion for communication.

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Daniela González Socha

Profesional en Negocios y Relaciones Internacionales.

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Marcie Howerton

A hardworking mother of two wonderful teenagers. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology …

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Maria Paula Autran

Brazilian journalist, translator, and conference interpreter. Languages: English, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Former business and economics journalist …

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Skills: Translator, Sub-editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter, Broadcaster
Specialisms: Social Media, News, Journalism, Education, Business

Sam Bellis

I am a Vancouver-based journalist, broadcaster, and writer. My career began in Guernsey in 2017 and since then …

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Skills: Reporter, Broadcaster
Specialisms: Travel, News, Journalism

Pet Prayonghom

Hi! I'm a Thai writer with fluency in English. I've experience in copywriting and article writing, especially for …

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Bloom Catch

BloomCatch is a plant recognition app. BloomCatch puts the power of nature in the palm of your hand. …

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Stephen Donnan-Dalzell

Freelance writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Bylines in Prospect Magazine, Inews, Eile, Hornet & Slugger O'Toole.

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Kate Sun

Content Curator | Copywriter, Developer & Strategist | Journo A word-nerd trying to bring beauty to the world …

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Jess Rose

I'm a self- proclaimed homebody and coffee addict; otherwise known as a professional writer, and lifestyle blogger. From …

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Skills: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Lifestyle, Health, Fashion, Entertainment


As a law student in times such as these, I find it is important to remember the enjoyable …

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Reagan Olsen

I attend East Kentwood High school and I am Senior. I absolutely love animals and everything about them. …

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Lindsay Christians

I am a food editor and arts writer based in Madison, Wisconsin. I joined the staff of The …

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Lauren Krieger

Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Lauren Krieger and I am writer from Orlando, Florida. I …

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Wilfred Maina

I am here to help you put your thoughts on paper, give your brand a voice, and make …

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Charlotte West

I’m an independent journalist who has spent extended time in Washington and Colorado. I write about education, housing, …

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Alice Powell

Hi! I am a 21 year old creative based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I recently graduated from …

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Angela Havel

Writer, copy editor, proofreader. I offer thirty years experience writing and editing, as well as twenty years experience …

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Skills: Proofreader, Editor
Specialisms: Food, Environment, Education, Culture, Art

Adeejhawon Gardner

I am a young Martketing professional seeking experience. I enjoy writing, dancing and creating new ideas. I would …

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Kelsey Larsen

Writer and editor with over ten years' experience. Past roles include editorial intern for Vogue, web content specialist …

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Thaisis Farias

Jornalista formada pela Faculdade Social da Bahia – FSBA em 2017.2 Experiência em Radio, TV, Assessoria de Imprensa, …

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Skills: Video Editor, Sub-editor, Reporter, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor, Broadcaster, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Sports, Social Media, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Film, Entertainment, Culture, Art


Final Year Master Student in IT and Management Looking For New Opportunities

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Anthony Bayla

"I am an Electrical Engineering Technology Major at Union County College. I currently work for a Telecommunication company …

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Specialisms: Technology

Karli Klemm

My whole life I’ve always had many dreams and aspirations and the hope that I can pursue them …

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Skills: Sub-editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Designer, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Technology, Social Media, Reviews, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Features, Fashion, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Alexandra Prior

Alex is a writer and aspiring political journalist who hails from San Francisco, California. She is best known …

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Margarita Servar

I adore creative writing, painting, and traveling. I've typed and published more than 2 mln characters in various …

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Skills: Designer, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Lifestyle