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nazia sher

A diligent and enthusiastic writer who loves to write in any given topic.

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Andrew Lawton

My name's Jackie Legs

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Anna Sidoti


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Skills: Blogger

Patrizia Cohen

Born in Italy, I lived in New York, USA, and at the present in Manchester, UK. Graduated in ...

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Specialisms: Travel, Culture, Art

Desiré Nesmith

I'm an aspiring public relations practitioner and event planner in Fort Worth, Texas. I am currently the development/marketing ...

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Brandon Brown

Copywriter ∴ Content Marketer ∴ Digital + Print Creative

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Kate Permenter

Kate Permenter is a brand ambassador, campaign director, digital marketing guru, and content master. When she isn’t busy ...

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Ashley Monaé

+ Writer with a passion for storytelling on a digital platform.

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Aline Rossi Serviços Linguísticos

Redatora, revisora, tradutora e localizadora de jogos. Formada em Letras (Língua e Literatura) pela Universidade Federal de Mato ...

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Katja Kärki

A Finnish writer and artist on a quest to spell out and illustrate this worldkat.karki@gmail.com

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Skills: Translator, Proofreader, Illustrator, Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Sports, Music, Lifestyle, Health, Food, Film, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Art

Craig Hunter

Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of www.screenrelish.com since February 2014, Formerly News and Features Editor at The Hollywood News ...

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Skills: Editor
Specialisms: News, Film, Features, Entertainment

Risikat Adesaogun

I'm a scientist in strategic communicator's clothing. I work in the environmental field and write about Minnesota's water, ...

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Specialisms: Environment

Luke Pascal

A student residing in Miami FL who is studying Public Relations!

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Devon Hinton

Twenty something with a love for words. Born & raised Texan without a southern drawl. World traveller with ...

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Specialisms: Travel

Cat Coyne

Tech writer @ Live-Smart.co.

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Specialisms: Art

Ana Carolina Marques Lage

Jornalista com experiência em assessoria de imprensa, redes sociais, redação jornalística, produção de conteúdo para sites e vídeos ...

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Jacob Abreu

Hey my name is jacob abreu i am 10 years old I go to a school named tep ...

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Monica Larcom

I hold a B.A. in Linguistics and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, and I have over ...

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Stefan Simanowitz

Stefan Simanowitz is a London-based freelance journalist writing & broadcasting on politics & culture from around the world. ...

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Specialisms: Politics, Culture, Art

Caitlin Salovich

Writer. World Traveler. Wife.

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Specialisms: Travel

Jenna Enright

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Skills: Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger

Maryse Godden

NCTJ accredited journalist. Currently doing breaking and foreign news for The Sun

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Specialisms: News

Megan Sullivan

Freelance writer with more than 12 years of business world experience, in many industries, including digital media, advertising, ...

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Specialisms: Business

Lisa D'Angelo

A travel and memoir writer focused on conquering her fears. Starting here.

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Specialisms: Travel, Art

James Ward

Middle name Paul, Not at all tall. my initials match this website JP

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Heather Stanley

Seasoned communications professional and award-winning writer with more than 16 years of experience in print marketing, digital marketing ...

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