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Leticia Senna

Jornalista com 18 anos de experiência. Formada em Comunicação Social pela UFRGS em 1999. Trabalha com jornalismo online …

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Janice Bandick

I am a dynamic and driven communications professional with experience in campaign creation and implementation, digital marketing, social …

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Alice Wright

communication & brand strategy

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Arleigh Davis

Staff Writer for the Citrus College Clarion.

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Kristen Fiore

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you can view articles I've written and photos I've taken for various publications.

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Scott Abraham

Former Senior Vice President of Marketing, Universal Pictures

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Gabriella Bock

Passionate storyteller with an eye for the newsworthy and a penchant for em-dashes.

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Bryan Look

Bryan Look is an 18-year-old senior at Palo Alto High School. After a gap year, during which he …

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Emily Neeb

Emily Neeb is a Honours Communication Studies (Co-op) graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University. She grew up on small …

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Skills: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: Social Media, Culture, Business

Lisa Black

I am a versatile and diligent writer with extensive experience writing features, breaking news, and personal opinion essays. …

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Specialisms: News, Features

Becky Greiner

Drinker of strong coffee. Reader of books with weird titles. Believer in digital content as a conversation rather …

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kelly brown

Kelly brown loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. he has successfully managed and …

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Rebecca Goodman

I am an award-winning freelance journalist with more than 10 years’ experience working for online and print consumer …

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Sanyukta Thakare

Sanyukta Thakare is a Film critic and news writer based in Mumbai. As a film enthusiast, she publishes …

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Caroline K

I am creative with experience in writing blogs, articles, reviews, contents for websites, shops, from small to big …

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Skills: Translator, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Sports, Social Media, Science, News, Music, Lifestyle, Health, Food, Film, Fashion, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Lina Stonkutė

I am a journalist and communication manager with communication science bachelors and analytical journalism (basically, cultural journalism) masters …

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Karla Clark

SF Bay Area-based writer and editor, specializing in entertainment, parenting, and nerd culture. Articles found on Black Girl …

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Stephanie Yang

I'm a communications specialist who specializes in writing, copyediting, and digital marketing. In a former life, I was …

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shaneya grant

I am a mother of two boys who loves to write, read and cook. I am the writer …

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Skills: Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Lifestyle, Food

Niawati -

Content writer & Copywriter Enjoy Writing about SEO article with anything topic

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Melissa Sirois

Quinnipiac University alum currently powering freedom at Pratt & Whitney. Passionate about storytelling as it applies to various …

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Eleonóra Hargittai

Freelance Marketing Copywriter and Content Writer. 10+ years of digital marketing experience as Senior Agency Copywriter (Isobar, Café).

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: News, Art

Tim Petersen

I currently attend Citrus College where I major in journalism. I have been on staff for the Citrus …

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Yannick Pessoa

Freelance Journalist, Blogger, Social Media Expert, Community and Social Activist, Artist, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, Writer, Poet.

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Thomas Albritton

More and more people are also looking for natural, ethical, and eco-friendly products- and it's one of the …

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Pablo Reis

Nerd, ariano e comunicador em constante processo de formação. Amante de cultura pop, consome filmes, séries, livros, músicas …

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Allysa Putrie

Food has always been my passion, and since I don't have any culinary degree to become a chef, …

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Christa Bernard

I am a writer, editor, and lover of digital content. I'm pursuing a career in any (hopefully, all …

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Skills: Editor

Mercedes Broadway

I am a student journalist learning and practicing the different aspects within the field of journalism/mass communications. Compiled …

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Sarah Webster

Sarah A. Webster is a friendly, highly capable and trustworthy marketing and communications executive. With a skillful balance …

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Jessica Hall

grew up in New Orleans, LA. I love the Big Easy! I've always been a writer. It all …

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Specialisms: Health, Art

Matthew Cook

After graduating from Westminster University obtaining a Journalism degree, I've been working as a Journalist on varying publications …

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Specialisms: Journalism

Denise Henry

I am an Impact Communications Specialist with versatile skills in corporate marketing, copywriting and nonprofit development communications.

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Rebecca Hartman

Writer, editor, & traveler based in Buffalo, N.Y.

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April Brown

April Brown (M.Ed) is a learning designer, writer, and education consultant based in Austin, TX.

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Sarah Talty

Sarah Talty is a Freelance Journalist based in beautiful rainy Ireland. She is a graduate of the University …

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Skills: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Social Media, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Culture