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Christopher Collora

Experienced public relations professional, award winning journalist and author.

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Ahmed Mansour

Graduate from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.I want to be more than a formal Physician, I’m ambitious, goal-oriented, ...

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Nicole Guevarra

Hi, I am Nicole, and I’m a passionate storyteller who likes connecting with people through the art of ...

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Huong Nguyen

Taking science does not mean I can't be fictional. In fact, I love to collect flowers - fresh, ...

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Dmitry Sheynin

Journalist / Content Strategist / Pen for Hire

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Sarah Simpson

Hello, I write short stories and other things sometimes. I'm boring.

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Richard Neville

I'm a freelance copywriter and bid writer. I've been using words to influence decisions and change behaviour for ...

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Skills: Copywriter

Patrick Egan

Political Science-unjustly restricted to government affairs. Is it not also an inspection of social trends and diligent research? ...

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Jace Whatcott

Writer. Reader. Thinker.

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Analee Campbell

Hello! My name is Analee Campbell. I am a 23 year old currently pursuing my Masters Degree in ...

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Specialisms: Education, Art

Dennis Scimeca

I'm a veteran technology journalist and an expert in interactive entertainment and virtual reality. I write for consumer, ...

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Katie Cook

I'm an academically trained public relations practitioner with applied experience in both small organizations and global companies. I'm ...

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Specialisms: Social Media, News, Art

Ericka Schiche

I am a writer and editor who specializes in current events commentary and op-eds, hard news, news analysis, ...

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Skills: Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor
Specialisms: Politics, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Film, Features, Entertainment, Culture, Art

Kathryn Anderson

Marketing & Communications CoordinatorContent WriterScreenwriter

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Skills: Video Editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Technology, Sports, Social Media, Lifestyle, Food, Film, Features, Entertainment, Culture, Business, Art

Bridget Parrino

Bridget Parrino is a graduating senior of the class of 2014 at Foothill Technology High School and will ...

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Specialisms: Technology, Art

Connor Hazelton

Born in New York and raised in Pittsburgh, Connor Hazelton is a social mastermind with big city dreams. ...

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Specialisms: Sports, Journalism

Colin Garrison

Technical Writer and Editor Able to quickly grasp complex technical content and translate it into concise, accurate, and ...

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Skills: Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: Technology

Hanna Butler

a communications all-rounder with more than ten years’ experience in communications, media relations, strategy, advocacy and capacity building ...

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Linda Doughty

For over fifteen years I've helped my clients build their online visibility with copy and content that is ...

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Specialisms: Art

Tara Lee

Journalist hailing from Korea, currently in Hong Kong. Published by LifestyleAsia, SEE Change, Mizzima among others.

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Skills: Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Technology, Social Media, Science, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Film, Features, Environment, Culture, Business, Art

Isadora Falcão

Social media. Blogging. Poetry. Translations.

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Specialisms: Social Media