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Journo Portfolio is packed with tools to take your portfolio to the next level. Explore this list of every feature Journo Portfolio offers.

Custom Domain Name

Get a free domain on registration or upgrade to Pro to get a custom domain name. Own a domain name already? No problem, you can point it at our servers or transfer it to us.

Tips for the Pros

A custom domain helps to build 'brand you', is better for ranking in search engines and just looks a lot more professional!

Multiple Themes

Customisation is at the core of Journo Portfolio. You can choose from 6 very distinct themes to choose a layout and design that suits your work.

Block Editor

Pages in Journo Portfolio are made up of 'Blocks' which you can add, delete and re-order. Each block displays differently on your page, for example you can have a block to show a featured article, an 'about me' block or a contact form.

Grab Articles by URL

Adding an article by URL is as simple as entering the URL and clicking add, we'll take care of grabbing the title, publication, date, content and an image.

PDF and Image Upload

If your articles are in an offline format such as print you can easily upload a PDF or image instead of adding an article from a URL.

Multiple Pages

You can easily create multiple pages for your writing portfolio. These could be for a Contact or About page or as a way to group articles, perhaps by publication or type.

Tips for the Pros

More pages and more content helps you to rank better in search engines, helps to give visitors more to read and makes your site a lot more interesting!


Not only can you add links to articles published elsewhere but you can also directly write and publish articles on your Journo Portfolio.

Tips for the Pros

Making use of 'Publish Directly' feature and a new page allows you to create a blog where you can publish content that doesn't make it on to other websites or into print.

Subscribe Button

Allow visitors to your portfolio to subscribe to receive an email of your newly added articles, at most once a week,

Built-in Analytics

The Journo Portfolio dashboard allows you to quickly see how many visitors your site has had, how long they spent on the site and where they came from.

Automatic Article Import

Add an RSS feed or profile page URL in the "Article Feeds" and Journo Portfolio will check the page for new articles once a day and import them into your portfolio. You can set the block(s) to control where they will display.

Mobile Ready

By using Journo Portfolio you can rest assured your portfolio will look great on any device and in every browser, as well as loading fast and using the latest best practices.

Tips for the Pros

Having a mobile-ready or 'responsive' website it vital for ranking well in search engines and giving everyone who views your portfolio a good experience.

Contact Form

A contact form can be easily added to any page allowing potential clients, employers and others to easily contact you.

Tips for the Pros

A contact form is much more effective than simply displaying an email address at getting people to contact you. This is normally a good thing if they're looking to work with you!

Google Analytics Integration

For more detailed analytics Journo Portfolio supports integrating with your private Google Analytics account so you can access all the raw data that provides.

HTTPS as standard

We take security very seriously and all our portfolios, including those using custom domains are equipped with a secure HTTPS certificate.

Privacy Options

Journo Portfolio provides a range of privacy options, from fully public to secure-link based, password-protected and a 'Surpressed search presence' option.

Automatically Assign Articles

If you have a large number of articles it can become hard work to manage them. With Journo Portfolio you can easily create simple rules to assign articles to the pages you want them to be displayed on.

Article Backups

You can automatically backup your URL-based articles to protect them from being lost if the publishing website shuts down or removes content. Backups are generated in PDF and image format so you never lose the text or what that article looked like.

Tips for the Pros

Small-Medium sized publishers often lose content when they update their website or if they remove old content, and they're more likely to shut down. Backing up your articles keeps their original formatting so you can still share it in the future.

Easily add links to all or any of your social media profiles to be displayed on your portfolio.

Theme Customisation

As well as offering themes, each theme in Journo Portfolio can be customised by changing background images, colours and fonts so you can create a site perfect for your needs.

CV/Résumé Upload

Upload a CV or Résumé to display on your portfolio, perfect for showcasing yourself to potential employers or clients.

SEO Features

Journo Portfolio is highly optimised to help your portfolio rank well in search engines which is important for getting found online. Optional advanced setting let you customise exactly how this works.

Comment Area

Allow readers to comment on your articles to get feedback and open discussions. You can moderate comments and spam prevention features are built in.

Portfolio Export

Export your entire portfolio in a PDF Résumé format for quickly sharing or printing your portfolio offline.

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