While it's easy to quickly build your portfolio with Journo Portfolio, it is also packed with features to help you take your site to the next level. Here you can find a list of all the main features Journo Portfolio offers.

Features • Import

Import and embed anything.

Import and embed your work from anywhere in any format. Our intelligent extractor will extract all the portfolio item details.

Import by URL

Enter the URL to an online article or portfolio item and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image, description and publication name.

Extract details from a URL

Embed Anything

Embed a Video URL from any video site such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image, description and publication name and when clicked an embedded video player will you to watch the video directly on your portfolio.

Embed Instagram post on your Portfolio

Upload PDFs

Upload a PDF and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image and description. Ideal for showcasing work delivered in a PDF format or offline work.

Upload Media

Upload images, video or audio files directly and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date and publish it ready for you to add further details.

CV/Résumé Upload

Upload a CV or Résumé to display on your portfolio, perfect for showcasing yourself to potential employers or clients.

Automatically import work to your portfolio

Automatic Import

Add an RSS feed or profile page URL in the "Article Feeds" and Journo Portfolio will check the page for new articles once a day and import them into your portfolio. You can set the block(s) to control where they will display.

Features • Showcase

Display your work, your way.

With Journo Portfolio you can easily display your work however you want. Customise layouts, image and font sizes, colours, spacing, columns and more or pick from our 8 pre-built options to get going quickly.


Create any page structure you want: have sub-pages for categories of works, portfolio items grouped by type on one page or a featured portfolio item section.

Export a PDF

Export your portfolio items in a PDF format to send with job applications where you can't use a website.

Automatic Assignment

Tag portfolio items and automatically assign them to different sections to manage thousands of items.

Features • Build

Build a site as unique as you.

Journo Portfolio is a full-featured and powerful website builder that makes building a stunning portfolio site a breeze.

Pre-built Sections

Pre-built (pre-designed) sections and pages make creating custom page layouts a breeze.

Pre-built Sections Website Builder

SEO Features

Journo Portfolio is highly optimised to help your portfolio rank well in search engines which is important for getting found online. Optional advanced settings let you customise exactly how this works.

Block Editor

Pages in Journo Portfolio are made up of 'Blocks' which you can add, delete and re-order. Each block displays differently on your page, for example, you can have a block to show a featured portfolio item, an 'about me' block or a contact form.

Mobile Ready

By using Journo Portfolio you can rest assured your portfolio will look great on any device and in every browser, as well as loading fast and using the latest best practices.

Multiple Themes

Customisation is at the core of Journo Portfolio. You can choose from 8 very distinct themes to choose a layout and design that suits your work.

Comment Area

Allow readers to comment on your blog posts to get feedback and start discussions. You can moderate comments and spam prevention features are built in.

Custom Domain Name

Get a free yourname.journoportfolio.com domain on registration or upgrade to Pro to get a custom domain name. Own a domain name already? No problem, you can point it at our servers or transfer it to us.

Features • Analyse

Analyse and track performance.

Powerful, privacy-friendly analytics are built-in to your portfolio allowing you to track how your portfolio is performing.

Privacy-friendly Analytics Built-in

Our built-in analytics system allows you to quickly get an overview of how your site is performing. Track visitor's and page views and see the location and source of the traffic to your site.

Our analytics service doesn't use any cookies, trackers or scripts on your site that slow it down.

Need more powerful analytics? Easily integrate with Google Analytics or any other third-party analytics service.

Journo Portfolio Analytics


Unlike most analytics services ours runs on the server itself so it doesn't use any cookies, trackers or scripts that run in your visitors browsers. This helps keep your site fast and privacy-friendly.


See a live timeline view of every visit to your site letting you know where they visited from, how they found the site and what pages they visited.

Share Tracking

Want to know when someone has actually viewed your site? Our invite tool allows you to invite people by email and keep track of if they have opened your portfolio.

Features • Grow

Engage visitors, grow a following.

Turn visitors to your site into long-term followers by subscribing them to your portfolio to receive a weekly update.

Subscribe Form

Easily add a subscribe form to your page and customise how it appears. This lets visitors sign-up for a weekly notification of any new portfolio items by you on your portfolio.

We take care of double-opt-in and our Mailchimp integration allows you to sync your subscribers to a Mailchimp audience so you can send them your own newsletter.

Subscribe Form on Journo Portfolio

RSS Built-in

Some people prefer to follow via RSS feeds instead of email notifications, allowing them to receive your latest updates directly via an RSS Feed reader. On Journo Portfolio every page has a built-in automatic RSS feed.

Contact Form

All of our plans allow you to add a contact form to your site to allow visitors to get in touch with you easily. This also keeps your email address private.

Social Links

Add your social links anywhere that you want on your site and choose from various icon styles and sizes.

Features • Protect

Control who sees your content.

You have complete control of which parts of your site are public and which are protected. Use a password, secure link or hide your site from search engines.

Password Protected

Make sure only the people you want to see your portfolio see it with password protection. You can protect your whole site or a single page. Change your password anytime and customise the password page image and text.

Password protected portfolio

Secure-link Access

Avoid the hassle of passwords and send a secure link to access your portfolio. You can customise the lock-screen image and text. Once they click the link the user will be granted full access to the locked site, even if they visit again later.

Secure-link protected portfolio

HTTPS as Standard

No need to buy a certificate, Journo Portfolio will automatically issue a certificate to all domains connected.

Invite to View

Want to make sure someone has viewed your portfolio? Use the invite feature to send them a link to your site and track if they have opened it.

Hide from Google

Don't want your site to be accidentally found by your current employer? Hide it from search results so only someone who knows your portfolio URL can view it.

Features • Backup

Backup your work.

Online content is often lost or deleted. Journo Portfolio automatically backs-up your work up so that when and if that happens you have an exact copy you can immediately switch in.

Backup a URL article

1. Add Articles to your Portfolio

Add your online URL-based articles to your portfolio. Journo Portfolio will automatically extract the details of the article such as the date, title, description and image.

2. Automatic Backup

Journo Portfolio will automatically back-up the articles in two formats: as a PDF and as a screenshot.

3. Switch in the Backup

If the original article is ever taken offline you can seamlessly switch to linking to the backup instead.

Don't just take our word for it
Join over 250,000 happy portfolio builders

Journo Portfolio provides visually-stunning templates which help me showcase my work as a writer, author, podcaster and host in a professional, tech-savvy way.

Always makes for a great first impression.

Darren Paltrowitz
Writer, Editor, Author, Podcaster, Investigator & TV Host

I've been using Journo Portfolio Pro since 2017 as an undergrad and it's been an incredible resource starting out.

I recommend JP for anybody who doesn't want to spend absurd amounts of time/money figuring out domains or Squarespace/Wix.

Sharon Liu
Copywriter and content marketer

Fantastic site. So east to use, modern and sleek. Would definitely recommend it.

Gwen Wilkins
Writer, editor and storyteller

Journo Portfolio has been great for keeping all my articles in one place. Articles on other websites can be accessed on my portfolio and I can write new articles on my portfolio website.

I love the functionality and I recommend it to all my friends.

Nneka Otika
Content marketer

I've had a few portfolios on JournoPortfolio for the past several years, and it's been no less than a pleasure to use this platform. I switched from using WordPress for my portfolios because this platform is easy-to-use, the customer service is excellent and knowledgeable, and it's well-priced. I'd recommend this service to anyone who needs a portfolio they can launch online quickly and edit easily.

Dahna M. Chandler
Communications Consultant & Journalist

This is a wonderful resource. It's easy to use but flexible and customizable, and the help desk is very responsive.

Amanda Morgan
Publications professional

Journo Portfolio is amazing not only for writers.

I used it to step by step build website for my work and it works perfectly as a presentation of my business. Compatibility with social media plugins, variety of themes and flexibility of moving elements, creating articles together with possibility of integrating outer plugins such as chat support for you website... For almost no cost.

PADI Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I'm thrilled I could easily put together my own website!

Journo Portfolio is easy to edit and easy for me to add articles and photos. I've already gotten work from my site and I'm so thankful for this!

Anne Stein
Writer and editor

I chose Journo Portfolio because the site felt very easy to navigate and setting up my portfolio was a breeze.

What I love about Journo Portfolio is that it offers many beautiful templates and layouts and still gives you a lot of freedom so you can make your portfolio look just the way you want it to.

I really recommend Journo Portfolio.

Sanni Määttänen
Designer and illustrator

I am very much enjoying the simplicity and ease of use.

Thank you for providing such a great service.

James Fitzpatrick
Video editor and photoshop artist

I decided to use Journo Portfolio to showcase my editorial work because their software is easy to understand, and they provide engaging layouts for viewers. I am very proud of my pieces, and a portfolio is an obvious and exciting way to tell others that. Journo Portfolio has given me the opportunity to create a time capsule of journalistic journey and to share it with the world

Claire Blaha
Copy Editor

My website has been hosted on Journo Portfolio for several years now... I find it as easy to use as my social media accounts. The aesthetics are excellent which is an important consideration for me. The best part is I’m not required to take backups or update plugins as I did tirelessly on other platforms. The time and hassle I save is priceless.

Sampada Chaudhari
Business & Career Transition Coach

What a great service!

Not only is the platform perfect, but the customer service is Excellent, always asap. And Josh designed a beautiful page for my site that exceeded my capabilities. Bravo et Merci!

Elizabeth Acree
Freelance writer

AMAZING tool to showcase your portfolio as a creative.

It is easy to use and you are able to create your own personal website portfolio in a matter of seconds!

Aaliyah Ebrahim

Journo Portfolio is a clean, straightforward site that aesthetically showcases my works for potential employers to review.

I can’t endorse this site enough and hope that other writers enjoy the same experiences I have had using it.

Colin Linneweber

I’m a young professional, and I am glad I came across this platform.

I cannot recommend it enough.

The RainyDay Writer

I found JP randomly while looking at portfolio sites. I like that the editing is fast and intuitive.

Even a free account is useful, and the analytics are still available. The creation process was easy, and I built the articles outside of JP and seamlessly dropped them into the portfolio.

Bryan Featherstone
Maker and Artist

I host my digital portfolio on Journo Portfolio because they automatically create a back-up pdf of my work. Super important because stuff in the online world does just disappear sometimes.

Jessica Michael
Writer & Photographer

I absolutely love Journo Portfolio. I had considered closely several other sites, but decided to go with Journo Portfolio and am so glad I did. It is super easy to use and looks extremely professional.

I like the template aspect, but I also enjoy that there are lots of options within the template to customize. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Jennifer L. Grybowski
Writer and Editor

I created my portfolio a little over a year ago. This was the first portfolio I've ever done & Journo Portfolio made it so easy for someone not familiar with website development.

If you're a creative searching for a simple way to get your work out there, give Journo Portfolio a try!

Melissa Monson

Journo Portfolio just solved all my portfolio problems! I've tried SO many different platforms recently and nothing even compares to how easy Journo Portfolio is. If you're in the same boat, definitely check it out.

Ella Stewart
Journalism Student

I found out about Journo Portfolio 3 years ago at the beginning of my journey as a freelance journalist. On top of being affordable and intuitive to use, Journo is amazing for multi-skilled people and whoever offers more than one service. As someone who wants to be able to showcase my work in different areas, I love how this platform allows me to do just that, but having a solid selection of templates for articles, but also having many customizable options for a variety of pages.

Annie Bourbonnais
Makeup artist, content creator, creative director and writer