Themes allow you to completely change the look of the your portfolio. We are currently working to add more themes.


This theme is ideal for bigger portfolios as it is structured like a typical website with a top navigation. The 'hero' background section is only displayed on the home page.

Examples: Anna Dowd, Jennifer Chuks, Jess Collett, Daniel Goodwin, Ashley "Matty" Cline


A modern design with fixed-sized articles, well-suited to writers who have good images on their articles.

Examples: Janine Griffiths, Ayushee Chaudhary, Roxanne Rubell, Alice Sales, Erin Negley


A dark background with stark text that makes your content look awesome, this theme looks great with good imagery.

Examples: Max Reyes, Christian Rawson, Kurtis Prosser, Hesham Elkholi, Cara Thistleton


This theme offers a unique style with a fixed sidebar on the left and content on the right. It can be customised by changing the background of the sidebar.

Examples: Atom Jam, Ashley Goodman, Hannah Massey, Marvin Dotiyal, Neil Grayson


This theme displays your articles imagery on a clean and modern grid, with information appearing on hover.

Examples: Mary Cantrell, Jessica Woodruff, Marina Bichara, Denyse Chua, Aileen C. Neri


This theme doesn't feature a background image and displays articles in a vertical list. It is a good choice for a clean and minimalist portfolio.

Examples: Ania Piątkowska, Pilar Velasco, Lisa Bigelow, Gillian Snaith, Brian Hegarty


Clean, minimalist, modern theme with a cool sidebar menu which includes your profile.

Examples: Kay Lee, Kelley Hunsberger, Nicole Hardy , Matt Taylor, Ben Nadeau


A theme with bold distinctive blocks and a modern parallax-effect header on scrolling with transitioning header.

Examples: Kristina Shperlik, Piotr Cieciuch, Anjali Patodi, Bui Tra My, Natalie Delgado


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