Themes allow you to completely change the look of the your portfolio. We are currently working to add more themes.


This theme displays your articles imagery on a clean and modern grid, with information appearing on hover.

Examples: Yoga Cholandha, randy mulyanto, Grace Lieberman, Kyle Mantha, Roman Paul


This theme is ideal for bigger portfolios as it is structured like a typical website with a top navigation. The 'hero' background section is only displayed on the home page.

Examples: Lisa Draho, Susan A. Nitka, Preston Mitchell, Vera Grbic, Brittany Misencik


A dark background with stark text that makes your content look awesome, this theme looks great with good imagery.

Examples: Maia Jenkins, Tommy McDonald, Pedro Alves, Josh Owens, franciss mithrich


A modern design with fixed-sized articles, well-suited to writers who have good images on their articles.

Examples: Kelly Ng, Justin Mahoney, Lucielle Campanero, CARRIE FLORA, Karmela Hernandez


This theme doesn't feature a background image and displays articles in a vertical list. It is a good choice for a clean and minimalist portfolio.

Examples: Mayra Monroy, Erin Conley Cain, Jackson Worthington, Lauren Hines, Rachel Ferry


Clean, minimalist, modern theme with a cool sidebar menu which includes your profile.

Examples: Brit Tea, Maria Camila Rico Garcia, Bárbara Blum, Amy Littlefield, Jamie Lawlor


A theme with bold distinctive blocks and a modern parallax-effect header on scrolling with transitioning header.

Examples: Suresh Chouksey, Rayssa Amaral, Wesley Santana, Amarílis Borges, Kim Darrah


This theme offers a unique style with a fixed sidebar on the left and content on the right. It can be customised by changing the background of the sidebar.

Examples: Jennifer Crump, Serena Estrella, Tyler Harvey, Gabriella Alvarez-Hummel, fakhrana linati

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