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Journo Portfolio is the easiest way to build an online writing portfolio website. Take your career to the next level by building a stunning online portfolio to showcase your work and promote yourself.

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Features • Import

Import anything.

Import your work from anywhere in any format. Journo Portfolio will extract all of the article details for you. We can even import articles automatically the moment they are published, so your portfolio is always up to date.

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Features • Showcase

Your work, your way.

Build a stunning site to showcase your work using custom pages, collections and a flexible content builder. Display your work in a grid, a column, as a blog or an image gallery.

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Backup your work
Features • Backup

Backup your work.

Articles and web pages are removed all the time. Journo Portfolio can automatically grab screenshot backups of your online articles from across the internet so that you'll never lose a piece of work again.

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Backup your work
Features • Protect

Protect your work.

Make sure your current employer can't find your portfolio. Use password and secure-link privacy options to restrict access to your whole portfolio or a single page, or set your portfolio to be hidden from search engines.

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Features • Grow

Build a following.

Allow visitors to your portfolio to subscribe to your portfolio by email or via RSS to receive weekly updates when you publish new articles.

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Features • Analyse

Track your progress.

Fast and privacy-friendly analytics for your site allow you to monitor how it is performing. A unique timeline view lets you track every visit.

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And more...

Customisation & Themes

Customise colors, imagery and fonts and choose from multiple themes.

Custom Domain Name

Get a free domain or use a custom domain of your choice.

Publish a Blog

Write blog posts and articles directly on Journo Portfolio.

Google Analytics

Easily integrate with Google Analytics to better track who visits your site portfolio.

Upload Files

Add articles by uploading a PDF or image file - perfect for offline work.

Grab articles by URL

Simply enter a URL and Journo Portfolio will grab all of the article details for you.

Contact Form

Get more enquiries with a contact form that makes it easy to get in touch.

Privacy Options

Choose to make your portfolio public, password protected or shareable via secure link.

Analytics Feed

See a real-time feed of who visits your site and from where.

Multiple pages

Group your content and articles across different sections and multiple pages.

Article backup

Backup articles to ensure they're never lost if a website shuts down.

Social Media

Easily display your social media and website links on your portfolio.

Built with Journo Portfolio

  profile picture

SARA Fernandez Cendon

I am what you get when you combine the discipline of a journalist, the ingenuity of a creative director, and the agility of a marketer. I love leading teams (I've …

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  profile picture

Matt Barninger

Who is Matt Barninger

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  profile picture

Nabila Husseni

Creative and passionate professional with over 13+ years of experience in content development, content writing & editing, quality management, auditing & inspection, document management system, and training & development

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  profile picture

Adeife Adeoye

Content Marketing Manager + Content Writer + Content Strategist for SaaS & MarTech

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  profile picture

Jessi Kerlin

Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I am a creative writer specializing in digital marketing communications — from developing compelling website and social media content to transforming bland corporate copy …

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  profile picture

Rachel Stainer

Technical writer & speculative fiction author.Turning big ideas into small words since 2014

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  profile picture

Jen Keehn

Jen Keehn is a freelance writer inspired to help others live their best lives. Her primary focus is health and wellness, and she specializes in creating SEO-driven content about natural …

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Guide to making an online writing portfolio

Read Our Guide

How to Create an Online Writing Portfolio

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Here to help.

We're around to support you with building your portfolio via chat or email support.

Is it worth having an online portfolio?

Absolutely! A modern digital portfolio is a vital tool to help you get more work, apply for jobs or just stand out from the crowd. Your portfolio can be the place you send people to browse all of your work or learn about you and your services or skills.

Why should I use Journo Portfolio?

Started in 2012, Journo Portfolio has helped over 250,000 creatives build their portfolio. Our platform is dedicated to building portfolios which makes it easier and quicker to build a stunning, unique site. Our customers highly rate how easy it is to build their site with us.

What should I put in my writing portfolio?

You can build your portfolio gradually. To start with upload a few of your best pieces of work. Recent work, testimonials, your services and a contact page are all good options to add later. Read our blog for more advice and tips on what to include on your portfolio.

Can someone build my website for me?

Our team are more than happy to help you import your work, set up your site and customise it to your liking if you choose a Pro plan with us. We will work closely with you so you can manage your portfolio site going forward.

How do I get a custom domain for my website?

Once you have built your portfolio, upgrade to our Pro plan and select a domain to be set up for you. We take care of everything, from the DNS settings to a security certificate and the renewal. Your custom domain is included with our Pro plan at no extra cost, forever.

How do I start making a portfolio?

Simply click Create a Portfolio to create your account. Our setup guide will take you through adding your details, importing your work and customising your site in minutes.

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