Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your (paid) subscription to either the Pro or Plus plan at any time.

The below sets out the minimum level we adhere to when deciding to refund a payment. The below policy does not replace any legal requirements set out by UK or EU law.

If you cancel your subscription within 14 days of subscribing or within 7 days of a renewal payment you can request a refund by contacting our support team. We will refund the full payment minus $10 if a domain name has been registered or renewed on your behalf.

You retain ownership of your custom domain name if one has been registered for you and this can be transferred to you for free.

There are no fees or other costs associated with cancellation.

Refunds are processed within 48 hours of request and are subject to the delays of the payment processors and banks and funds can take up to 7 days to be available in your account again.

Questions or concerns?

Chat with us if you have any questions about these legal documents, or email us at