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Evolusi Kematian: Perkembangan Kematian Sepanjang Peradaban Manusia

Membahas mengenai kematian, maka tak terlepas dari pembahasan mengenai ritual kematian. Ritual kematian dapat menggambarkan bagaimana hubungan antara orang yang masih hidup dengan yang sudah mati, mulai dari bagaimana memperlakukan mayat sampai bagaimana posisi orang mati dalam struktur masyarakat. Berkaitannya ritual kematian dengan masyarakat menyebabkan ritual kematian ikut berkembang bersama dengan perkembangan masyarakat itu sendiri. Oleh karena itu, kita dapat melacak sejarah ritual kematian dari sejarah perkembangan peradaban manusia.

New Safe Injection Site Initiative Causes Controversy in NYC Neighborhood

New Safe Injection Site Initiative Causes Controversy in NYC Neighborhood Back in November of 2021, New York City introduced the nation’s first “safe injection sites” with two locations in East Harlem and Washington Heights, Manhattan, as an attempt to combat fatal drug overdoses and control substance use in the city. Drug users in NYC are able to walk in with their pre-obtained substances and use them under the supervision of trained medical professionals with overdose-reversal medications, su
By Amanda Curcio
• Medium

Rekaman Johnny Depp Berteriak Diduga Lecehkan Amber Heard Beredar, SOLO — Dunia kembali diramaikan atas kasus dugaan pencemaran nama baik aktor Johnny Depp yang diduga dilakukan mantan istrinya, Amber Heard, yang kini telah merembet ke kasus lain. Pengguna akun Twitter @Ivane membagi potongan rekaman saat Heard tengah bertengkar dengan Depp. Baca Juga: Psikolog Ungkap Amber Heard Korban Pelecehan Seksual Dalam rekaman itu, terdengar suara yang diduga teriakan dari mulut Depp dan dianggap melecehkan serta merendahkan Heard. Rekaman diawali dengan
By Zelin Zeina

Crítica: Amaia - Cuando No Sé Quién Soy

Ser testigos de la maduración artística y personal de una cantante a lo largo de sus piezas no sería nada novedoso si no fuera por el arrebatador y cautivador tono con el que Amaia pone de relieve esa evolución, mostrándose ante nosotros sin trampa ni cartón y llevando por bandera esa transparencia que siempre la ha definido y que la hace sencillamente única. “Cuando No Sé Quién Soy” (Universal Music, 2022) es un alto en ese ajetreado camino que la pamplonesa lleva recorriendo desde que su nombr
By Francisco González
• Dod Magazine

The gender gap in neurodevelopmental diagnoses

Over the past few years, research into gender bias in healthcare (focusing on men and women) has gained more and more traction. Overall, it indicates that gender bias diminishes the speed, accuracy and efficacy of medical diagnoses. Whilst this has an impact on both genders, it is most severe for women. When it comes to ADHD, gender differences are poorly understood, partly because previous research included a limited proportion of girls, leading to symptoms typically presented by men and boys
By Millie Browning

Regulatory Insights – May 2022 | Broadridge

On May 9, the SEC announced that it would extend the comment period on the climate-related disclosures proposal and reopen comment periods for the proposed rules regarding private fund advisers and Regulation ATS. In the press release, SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated, "The SEC benefits greatly from hearing from the public on proposed regulatory changes. Commenters with diverse views ha
By David Porter

Top 5 Family Restaurants in Luzern | Momizen

As the world opens up after two long years of masks, restrictions, immunisation and difficult times restaurants are starting to enjoy the foot traffic they were once used to. As parents, we sometimes just want a night away from the kitchen, or to share a delicious lunch together that we haven’t had to prepare. Visiting a family friendly restaurant can be a relief from the every day ritual and hopefully a fun and bonding experience with our children. Luzern has many delights for the family that
By Lily Töngi-Andrews

BWW Review: SNATCHED, Soho Theatre

Hot off the stage of The Donmar Warehouse where she starred opposite Kit Harrington in Henry V, Melissa Johns is a disabled actress whose iCloud account was hacked in 2018, leading to the release of intimate photos. Her play, Snatched, is autobiographical, documenting her struggle as a disabled woman to come to terms with societal expectations of sexuality and femininity. Snatched probes at questions about sexuality and disability but not far enough to leave a lasting impression. In relying so
By Alexander Cohen