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America's Poll Worker Shortage — Shit you should care about

Over half of all poll workers in America are over the age of 61 (U.S. Election Assistance Commission), and with the threat of COVID-19 many are being asked to place their lives on the line to ensure due process for their local community. The election is 4 months away - now is the time to call on other members of our own community to organise, rise to the challenge, and volunteer. The voter horror stories from the Primaries made headlines in the mainstream media after many working-class America

I had the period talk with my dad when I was 11. It wasn't who I expected to teach me about puberty.

"Mija, we need to talk," my dad said while we drove home from the store one evening. By the age of 11, I was used to big talks in the car — just me and him. I knew something awkward was coming, but I tried not to look bothered. We weren't far from home. So whatever it was, surely it couldn't take that long to discuss.
By Rebecca Mendoza
• Insider

Case Studies — waterers

Freelance opportunity to tell the stories of nine recipients of funds from nonprofit The Waterers based in the Midwest. All case studies were written by me. The Waterers are the entrusted fund stewards of the Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native Nations geographic region Assembly. Our Assembly centers Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) creatives as leaders. Our gift-making strategy attends to the nuance and complexities of this region.
By Amber Coles

NHS apprenticeship providers face Ofsted pressure — think

Why have several NHS employer providers of apprenticeships struggled when Ofsted calls? The NHS is in the midst of one of its most challenging winters on record. A surge in patient demand and Covid-related rises in staff absence have combined to put health services under extreme pressure. Amid rising delays to A&E and non-urgent care alike, NHS leaders have insisted the health service is up to the task. Central to the challenges facing our health service is the availability of skilled staff wh
By Heather Willis

T- Shirt Free Mockup PSD

​A T-Shirt is a short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat. A T-shirt, or tee-shirt, is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Traditionally, it has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. T-shirts are generally made of a stretchy, light, and inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean.
By Suruchi Singh

IN PICTURES: Football club kicks off free summer camp to ‘aid mental health’ of kids in Angus

IN PICTURES: Football club kicks off free summer camp to ‘aid mental health’ of kids in Angus An Arbroath football coach has told Tay FM that their football club is hosting its weeklong summer camp free of charge. Over 200 children are expected to take part in varying choice of sports including, table tennis, bowls and footgolf lasting until Friday 2 July. Coach and coordinator Paul Gray wants to give kids - including those who are not club members, the chance to get out and active after more
By Lucy Farrell
Tay FM

RE: NIE - w Schronie rusza antyprzemocowa kampania edukacyjna

Chylący się ku końcowi rok to czas, który zapamiętamy głównie z powodu globalnej pandemii i jej skutków. Dla mnie, jako obserwatora sceny muzyki elektronicznej, to również okres brutalnych rozliczeń. Tylko w tym roku na światło dzienne wyszły co najmniej dwie sprawy związane z molestowaniem seksualnym kobiet, na myśl o których włos jeży się na karku, a nóż otwiera w kieszeni. Chodzi oczywiście o tragicznie zakończonej sprawie Erica Morillo, oraz rozwijającą się dopiero aferę z udziałem Dericka M
By Czesław Wszędobylski

2021 Music Superlatives: The Best Albums, Singles, Collabs & More

It was a year of tears, of heaven and hell, a year we’ll remember all too well; a year of red flags, red scarves and red lights; a year that did not make us happier than ever, but had us smokin’ out the window as the social distancing continued. Whether you missed your best friend or simply felt like fuckin’ something, loneliness seemed to be the common denominator for most people during year two of COVID; but thankfully, our favorite artists managed to make 2021 bearable either through surprise
By Ursula Muñoz Schaefer

Klinika Orawczyk: Nowoczesne sposoby usuwania żylaków

Żylaki kończyn dolnych to nie tylko kosmetyczny defekt, ale również mogą być objawem niewydolności żylnej. Kiedyś żylaki leczyło się operacyjnie, przez co najczęściej pojawiały się nieestetyczne blizny. Jednak obecnie istnieje kilka bardzo skutecznych i mało inwazyjnych metod, które nie wymagają wykonywania nacięć na skórze. Jak usunąć żylaki kończyn dolnych? Laserowe leczenie żylaków nie wymaga użycia skalpela, a co za tym idzie – nie powstają blizny pooperacyjne. Zabieg przeprowadzany jest w
By Ewelina Przybysz

Magoha Responds After Uproar Over Mandatory School Drug Tests

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has responded to public criticism of the government's stance on mandatory drug tests for students. While addressing the media on Saturday, January 8, in Kakamega County, Mogoha insisted that drug tests were necessary in schools given the rising cases of indiscipline. The CS noted that schools would continue administering the tests despite the growing concern over the legality of the process. However, Mogoha acknowledged that the ministry had not
By Washington Mito

Can Putin ever be stopped?

Vladimir Putin has been the most effective practitioner of Realpolitik for the past two decades. With an economy about the size of Italy’s, and just as corrupt, he has accomplished his most ambitious goal: returning Russia to the status of a Great Power. Now he’s thrown his chips on the table once more, launching a massive troop build-up on the border with Ukraine and sending still more into Belarus (for “joint exercises”), positioning them just north of Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv. Although the n
By Charles Lipson
• The Spectator World

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of dopamine-mediated behavioral plasticity in the striatum

The striatum is the input structure of the basal ganglia system. By integrating glutamatergic signals from cortical and subcortical regions and dopaminergic signals from mesolimbic nuclei the striatum functions as an important neural substrate for procedural and motor learning as well as for reward-guided behaviors. In addition, striatal activity is significantly altered in pathological conditions in which either a loss of dopamine innervation (Parkinson’s disease) or aberrant dopamine-mediated
By Milica Cerovic

Unsound ogłasza program artystyczny oraz harmonogram

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By Jan Rem

Iara Alternativa: blogueira de 12 anos é fã do Festival Se Rasgum | Portal Cultura

Quem lembra da pequena blogueira, Maria Luisa? Ela é dona do blog Iara Alternativa e fez o maior sucesso aqui no Portal Cultura durante a semana do Dia das Crianças. Um dos seus maiores sonhos era fazer a cobertura do Festival Se Rasgum e a entrevista fez tanto sucesso nas nossas redes sociais, que a produção do festival convidou a blogueira mirim para fazer a cobertura do evento. O resultado? Muita ansiedade e entusiasmo fizeram parte da rotina da Marilu desde então. “Eu tenho o hábito de acord
By Rodrigo Souza

The 8 Best SEL Toys

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is best taught at an early age, and a great way to teach young kids these important skills is through toys and play. According to Donna Whittaker, VP of Curriculum and Education at Big Blue Marble Academy, “social emotions skills are more important than ever” and are es
By Ashley Ziegler
• Verywell Family

New sustainability market coming to Camden

A new open-air, sustainable market has been awarded funding by Camden Council. The council has pledged £11,000 for Camden’s Sustainable Interactive Market, which will run Monday to Thursday for 10 weeks from February half term at Buck Street Market. The project has also secured a donation of £7,200 from Labtech, which owns Camden Market. It will welcome residents, artists, schools or charities to showcase sustainable products, such as up-cycled clothing, jewellery or art. To encourage people
By Lara Wildenberg
• Hampstead Highgate Express

how to manufacture baby food

Manufacture baby food that’s safe and delicious. In this post, we’re going to explore how to make your own baby food, from start to finish. You’ll learn how to choose, prep, and cook the best ingredients for your baby. We’ll also teach you how to add a homemade flavor punch to your baby’s favorite foods. And, we’ll also walk you through our 10-step recipe for making baby food at home.
By fdhh fthtrf

Campanha Circulare - Vida longa à roupa!

O que acontece quando duas marcas comprometidas com o consumo consciente se unem numa ação? A resposta está na campanha Circulare, uma parceria entre a Maria Granel e a Ecoa Circular, uma loja online de compra e venda de peças em segunda mão de Portugal. Abrimos as portas da nossa loja em Campo de Ourique para receber, até ao dia 29 de janeiro, peças que já não usas mais. Além de promoveres a circularidade desses itens, podes receber, após uma curadoria e seleção, dois vouchers especiais! “Acr
By Lizandra Gasparro

'Madison Chefs' author looks at the people behind the city's thriving restaurant scene

Madison is an essential player in Wisconsin’s food culture. Home to the nation’s largest weekly farm market, it is also a launchpad and destination for chefs with a deep connection to local food. Delving into the stories behind that food, Lindsay Christians began working on a series of chef profiles in 2017, long before a pandemic shifted the restaurant landscape indefinitely.

How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Rich? New Research Has the Answer

Money. It makes the world go round and it’s the root of all evil. We all want it, we all need it, but is there ever an end to this insatiable quest for wealth? Aside from recent findings that show an upper limit to the happiness money can bring you, a new report from the comparison site Finder has revealed just how much cash Australians say they would need before considering themselves rich. According to their survey of 1,013 respondents, one in four of us wouldn’t consider ourselves wealthy u
By Jack Revell
• The Latch

Panier anti-gaspillage

Je participe activement à la réduction des déchets alimentaires en réservant régulièrement des paniers anti-gaspillage. J'utilise Too Good To Go, qui est une application qui permet de mettre en relation des commerçants et des utilisateurs afin de limiter le gaspillage alimentaire. En effet, en France plus de 100 000 commerçants jettent chaque jour des produits qui pourraient encore être consommés.
By Ludivine Henry
Panier anti-gaspillage

Re-reading a Good Book

Re-reading a book feels like visiting your old-self, it feels very nostalgic and you can feel how much you have grown. At least that’s what I felt when I read Lucy & Linh again. I think we can agree that growing up is a difficult journey. Finding your voices, values, and what you stand for surely are no easy feat. It is especially difficult when you are in high school, where you have so much people you want to please and the urge to fit in with the cool crowds is huge. In Lucy & Linh, we follo
By Amalia Prameswari
honey chapstick

How to style your home for the winter holidays

We’re all familiar with the traditional colours of winter and each year we decorate our homes in them to bring warmth and comfort to the darkest days of the year. But these colours are more than just pretty choices – they have a long history with winter celebrations. We asked design expert Alexander Fahl to talk us through the function of winter’s classic colour palette and how to create an uplifting interiors scheme to end the year in style. Green, red, white, gold and silver are the tradition
By Marta Tarozzo
• Catawiki

Developing a Central Theme and Message for Your Story — Stellar Media

Writing inspiration can come from many sources. It may start with a specific character, a plot point, a setting, or even just an isolated scene. Once you get that spark of inspiration, it can be hard to resist putting pen to paper. After you jot down that initial idea, though, you may find yourself hitting a wall. You’ve worked the inspiration out of your system, but where do you go from there? When developing a new story, it can be helpful to plot out the different components on a sheet of pap
By Cadie Krivoniak
Stellar Media

Canon debuts EOS R5 C 8K cinema camera with active cooling system

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Canon has introduced a new hybrid cinema camera that combines professional video capabilities and a full-frame mirrorless body with an active cooling system. The EOS R5 C is a cinema camera that can shoot 8K footage at up to 60fps. Additionally, because of its new active cooling system, it do
By Mike Peterson
• AppleInsider