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Latest Articles

'Black Widow' Trailer: Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot Something That Changes Everything

The “Black Widow” special look showed us previously unseen things from the movie, enlightening us on some of the bigger plot details. But what nobody was expecting was the image of what looks like Pym Particles being held by Natasha Romanoff herself. The imagery just might change everything we know about the “Black Widow” movie.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

'Morbius' Trailer Releases, Revealing Possible MCU Connection

Sony just released the first official trailer for its own “Spidey-verse” film “Morbius.” The film centers on the eponymous villainous character, played by Jared Leto, who would have been joining Sony’s hinted at bad-guy team up, the Sinister Six -- and based on some clues we got from the trailer, some Marvel Cinematic Universe characters might be joining as well.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

Tony Stark's Death Was Almost More Gruesome, Near Horror Movie Territory

“Avengers: Endgame” topped off its final battle, the epic culmination of 22 films, with the tragic death of one of its main heroes, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). The shocking imagery of Stark’s charred body is an image forever in the minds of Marvel fans -- but it could have been so much worse.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

Which Marvel TV Shows Are Still Coming To Hulu After Tons Of Cancellations?

For those who want to stream the live-action Marvel shows outside of Disney+, the future may be bleak. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which used to be spread across different platforms, is now almost officially relegated to only a single streaming service. Last fall and winter, it was announced that all of the Netflix MCU content, which included five different series, would be canceled. “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” had large fanbases when it was announced they wouldn’t return for more season
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

Lizzo Is Not Fazed By Lakers Game Criticism

Lizzo doesn’t really care that a lot of people didn’t like her choice of outfit at the Lakers game on Sunday. Despite receiving criticism, the 31-year-old singer offered up a piece of advice for those who were upset. “You know what, if you really don't like my [expletive], you can kiss it. 'Cause kissing it makes it go away, I promise." According to Entertainment Tonight, the singer maintained a positive, carefree attitude while discussing the event in an Instagram live video.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

Duchess Kate Middleton's Hilarious Royal Christmas Event Photobomb Explained

Duchess Kate Middleton was the focus of many candid photos taken while attending a royal Christmas event on Wednesday morning. That was until a toddler stepped in front of a camera, sticking his tongue out and blocking the British royal entirely. The very small blonde child was revealed to be Freddie Rusbridge, a 3-year-old attending the Royal Christmas event with his family at Peterley Manor Farm in Great Missenden, England, Express reported.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

Laura Dern And Timothee Chalamet Hunt For Baby Yoda At A Basketball Game

Laura Dern was spotted at a basketball game with her “Little Women” co-star Timothee Chalamet on Wednesday. Why were they there? Well, not only is Dern an avid sports fan, but she had a specific mission in mind: to locate Baby Yoda. The “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” actress created a viral moment on the red carpet on Monday when she was asked if she had seen Baby Yoda, the breakout star of "The Mandalorian." "Yes, I did. Just today," Dern said, confidently.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

4 'Star Wars' Fan Theories That Shockingly Turned Out To Be True

There’s nothing “Star Wars” fans love more than stewing over every tiny detail of each frame in the entire franchise. Eventually, fan theories start to form as to why certain details exist or to speculate on how certain things will pay off. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that, occasionally, these fan theories have been dead on. Not only did terrifying Sith Lord Darth Maul get cut in half, but he fell into a seemingly endless pit.
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

'The View' Host Meghan McCain Blames The Show's Criticism On Sexism

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain says that she’s tired of the way people talk about her and her co-stars and cites “sexism” as a major problem when it comes to how people criticize the show. “I don’t think we’re treated fairly,” McCain said. “I never really cry ‘sexism’ that easily — I’m very hesitant to throw that around.”
By Kasey Fox
International Business Times

'Fallout 76' Gets Premium Tier That Costs More Per Month Than Most Streaming Services

"Fallout 76" fans just got a new way to experience the latest entry in the long-running post-apocalyptic series. Unfortunately, it's going to cost them – even more so than they're paying for most of their favorite TV and movie streaming services. Developer Bethesda announced a premium membership for "Fallout 76" called "Fallout 1st," which will run $12 a month or $100 a year depending on players' preferred pricing structures. According to the developer, it's a "premium membership that offers so

Blocked Chinese Twitter accounts targeted Beijing critics: think tank

Hundreds of Chinese accounts suspended by Twitter were part of a disinformation operation for years targeting critics of China's ruling Communist Party, Australian researchers have found. After combing through 3.6 million tweets from 940 suspended Twitter accounts, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said the accounts had conducted "blunt-force influence" campaigns for "at least two years". Twitter and Facebook last month banned 200,000 accounts for "deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong", as part of a "state-backed" effort to discredit pro-democracy campaigners.

Carroll County Plane Crash Kills Everyone Onboard Cessna, Police Say

A plane, which was flying from Indianapolis to Green Bay, Wisconsin, crashed in Carroll County, Indiana, Thursday night. According to a report by WRTV, an ABC-affiliated television station, the Cessna 441 plane crashed in a field near the County Road 600S and 500W north of the town of Rossville, Indiana. The plane took off from Eagle Creek Airpark in Indiana just before 7:30 p.m CST (8:20 p.m. EST). There were at least three people on board the plane, WRTV reported. According to Indiana State

Father Allegedly Raped, Assaulted Twin Sisters And Impregnated One Of Them Twice

Two sisters with diminished mental and behavioral capabilities were allegedly raped, beaten and starved for long periods, and held captive in chains by their father in their home in south Minneapolis. According to a report by Star Tribune, criminal complaints and court filings alleged that the twin sisters were abused for many years until one of them escaped from the residence and informed the police authorities about the incident in May 2017. The father of the twins, Jerry Lee Curry, 51, was

5 Arrested After 14-Month-Long Probe Into Russian Embassy Cocaine Smuggling

An Argentine police official and a former Russian diplomat were among the five people arrested following a 14-month-long investigation, which started after hundreds of pounds of cocaine were found at the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2016, authorities said Thursday. According to a report by the New York Times, Patricia Bullrich, Argentina’s minister of security, reportedly said during a news conference Thursday, “We have dismantled an international cocaine trafficking organizat

Who Is Mujahid Ramzziddin? Off-Duty Cop Fatally Shot Trying To Save Neighbor

An off-duty police officer was fatally shot in Maryland, Wednesday morning, when he “stepped in to protect a woman threatened in a domestic situation," officials of Prince George’s County Police Department said. Corporal Mujahid Ramzziddin, 51, a former Marine and the recipient of the Medal of Valor was shot by Glenn Tyndell, 37, a resident of Brandywine, Maryland. Tyndell was then shot and killed during a police confrontation. Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said, “He [Ramz

Man Attempted Kidnap, Rape Of Coffee Shop Worker, Gained Access Using Window

A man carrying a knife came through the window of a coffee shop in Kent, Washington, early Tuesday and attempted to kidnap and rape a barista, police officials said. The attacker came to the window of the Hottie Shots Espresso located at 21237, 84th Ave .S. around 4:45 a.m. PST (7:45 a.m. EST) and ordered a drink from the woman working at the coffee shop. Madeline Guinto, 30, a resident of Bonney Lake, Washington said she started to get the order ready when the man climbed through the window,

University Students Protest White Nationalist Rally Which Was Actually A Hoax

The students of the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, came out to protest against a rumored white nationalist rally Wednesday, which later turned out to be a hoax. Kevin Guskiewicz, the dean of the UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences sent a message Tuesday to other deans and department chairpersons, which said “individuals not affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill” would be conducting a “Rally for Nationalism.” Guskiewicz also wrote he was not able to confirm if the rally would take plac

Doctors Remove World’s Largest Brain Tumor Weighing Almost 4 Pounds

Doctors in India have successfully removed what is believed to be the world’s largest brain tumor, weighing 1.8 kg (3.96 pounds), from a man. According to a report by The Hindu, a six-hour surgery was performed on Santlal Pal, 31, by doctors at the Nair Hospital, Mumbai, on Feb. 14. The doctors said that the tumor resulted in Pal losing his eyesight but hoped that he would regain his vision now. Pal, post-surgery, is recovering in the intensive care unit at the hospital and is in stable conditi

NYPD Officer, Accused Of Sex With Teen, Made Videos Of Sexual Encounters

A New York Police Department (NYPD) officer from Bronx, New York City, who was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 15-year old girl and having a threesome with the teen and his adult girlfriend who is a sister of the minor, took videos of his numerous sexual encounters, police authorities said Wednesday. According to a report by New York Daily News, investigating detectives discovered videos and photos of sexual encounters of the accused NYPD officer Raul Olmeda, 40, on his home compute

What Is March For Our Lives? Students, Parents Rally For Gun Regulation

In the wake of the mass shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day last week, the school’s students have scheduled a rally next month, in order to demand gun regulation and increased safety in schools for children. The rally is being called March For Our Lives. According to the official site of the movement, the rally will be taking place on March. 24, where children, parents and numerous supporters of the cause would be marching on the stre

Harlem Restaurant Criticized For Racially Profiling Several Black Women

Numerous African-American women alleged a restaurant in Harlem, New York, racially profiled them and also falsely accused them of dining and dashing. One of the women, 45-year-old Tara Fitzgibbon, visited the restaurant named Angel of Harlem on Frederick Douglass Blvd. for the first time Feb. 10 with her two friends. Seeing that the restaurant was packed, they went to the bar, a New York Daily News report said. The women then proceeded to order their drinks, when the manager of the eatery appr

Twitter Allegedly Locked Right-Wing Users' Accounts, Thinking They Are Bots

Twitter allegedly locked several accounts on their platform, Wednesday, thinking them to be bots which led to outrage on social media. Most of the accounts that claim to be locked seem to be right wing conservative Trump supporters, who claim they are being targeted for their political beliefs. Here are some instances. The Columbia Bugle, a conservative blog site posted on their Twitter account claiming that the social media company locked its account and that it also lost 800 followers. The

Malcolm X Assassination: Facts About Human Rights Icon’s Death, After 53 Years

Human rights activist and famous Black Nationalist leader Malcom X, who was the spokesman for the Nation of Islam (NOI) — an African-American political movement — during the 1950s and 60s, was assassinated on Feb. 21, 1965. According to the site Biography, Malcolm X was naturally gifted with oratory skills. He urged black people to escape from the shackles of racism by “any means necessary,” which included resorting to violent methods. Malcolm X's contribution helped increase the members of the

Nikolas Cruz Abused Mother And Was Violent At Home, Police Records Reveal

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s mother used to call police authorities, years before the shooting incident, seeking help to contain Cruz’s threats and his violent and self-destructive behavior, according to police documents. According to a report by CNN, there were more than 30 reports regarding Cruz dating back to 2011 which showed violent misbehavior from Cruz and his younger brother. These documents shed more light on an emerging perspective that projects Cruz as a disturbed teenager w

Hidden Painting Discovered Under Picasso’s Artwork By X-Ray Scanning Technique

Researchers in the United States have discovered a painting hidden under the famous “The Crouching Beggar” (La Misereuse Accroupie) artwork by Pablo Picasso. According to a report by the Guardian, researchers used a non-invasive imagine technique to inspect the Picasso painting which resulted in them finding a landscape painting hidden underneath it. The new study also provided more information on certain hidden features discovered in the painting earlier. Marc Walton of Northwestern Universit

Iraq Formulates Plan To Deal With Families Of ISIS Members

Authorities in Iraq have formulated a plan to deal with the foreign wives and children of the members of  the Islamic State in a bid to balance the security concerns with international laws. According to a report by Fox News, Shia al-Sudani, the Iraqi minister of Labor and Social Affairs who is in charge of the issue of childcare said, “We are holding 500 wives of ISIS — all foreigners — and their children, which makes 1,500 total.” “And some of the ISIS wives are pregnant,” added al-Sudani.