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Charlie Green

Freelance film journalist and editor-in-chief of Gone With The Movies []

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James Robinson

23-year-old NCTJ gold standard accredited sports journalist currently interning at Squawka. Twitter: @JvmesJournalist

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Steven Semple

Freelance journalist based in Central Scotland. I have worked with The Guardian, Scotland on Sunday and The Sunday ...

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Giacomo Lee

I'm a journalist in music, tech & visual culture. Credits include Long Live Vinyl, Digital Arts, BBC, VICE ...

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Why We Should Increasingly Consider Travel As The Movement of Presence Rather Than Body

In recent years, the long-term viability of aviation has been called into question by governments, environmental scientists and aviation regulatory authorities worldwide. Unlike other industries where a greener alternative might be a solution to the excessive consumption of fossil fuels, the likelihood of an electronic planes are decades away. Meanwhile, the aviation industry continues to guzzle a shocking 5 million barrels of oil daily and the burning of that fuel contributes 2.5% of total carbon emissions, rising to as high as 22% by 2050 according to a study for the European Parliament.
By Jen Roberts
The Guardian

Axolotls in crisis: the fight to save the 'water monster' of Mexico City

Like many residents of Mexico City, my experience of the floating gardens of Xochimilco has mostly been tinged with alcohol. After all, every weekend, this Unesco world heritage site turns into a bacchanal, with groups aboard the canals’ iconic boats celebrating everything from high school graduations to engagements and weddings. But this is a weekday morning, and Carlos Sumano, who is steering my canoe through the floating gardens, or chinampas, says that sort of unfettered use has taken its t
By Alan Grabinsky
The Guardian

Field of dreams: heartbreak and heroics at the World Ploughing Championships

On 31 August, the night before the first day of the World Ploughing Championship, the bar of the Hotel Fortuna in the small German town of Reutlingen was crammed with the global ploughing elite. The scene resembled a low-key United Nations afterparty – Swiss, Kenyans, Australians, Latvians, Canadians and French, all slugging back long glasses of German beer. The top flight of international ploughing is a limited pool, the same faces recurring every year, and so the atmosphere was jovial, like a school reunion, 50-odd ploughmen and two ploughwomen (the sport has historically been dominated by men) hailing each other affectionately across the room.
By Sophie Elmhirst
The Guardian

Greg Clark backs idea of longer Brexit transition period

The government wants the option of extending the Brexit transition period up to the end of 2022, the business secretary, Greg Clark, has said, a move likely to further enrage the Conservative party plotters who hope to remove Theresa May this week. Amid predictions from hardline Brexit-backing Tories that the crucial mark of 48 MPs seeking to depose May could be reached on Monday, Clark endorsed an idea raised by the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, which could keep the UK tied to
By Josh Lewis
The Guardian

Ones To Watch: The Homesick

Driving around in a vintage, bright orange Unimog – a monstrous decommissioned military vehicle that belches fumes – sums up the ethos of Dutch post-punk trio the Homesick: eccentric, a bit mad, but a whole lot of fun. The same sense of mischief that compelled drummer Erik Woudwijk to save up from the age of 12 to buy the Unimog also fuels their scratchy, lo-fi anthems lampooning Christianity and exploring teenage boredom.
By Derek Robertson
The Guardian

Russian trolls' tweets cited in more than 100 UK news articles

UK news organisations have cited tweets from Russian trolls more than 100 times, a Guardian investigation has found, in stories about topics including Donald Trump, Donald Glover and Lena Dunham. In June the US Congress released details of 1,000 accounts that Twitter believes were run by the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a state-backed misinformation operation based in St Petersburg, adding to more than 2,000 accounts the company had already identified. The accounts were cited in news storie
By Ella Creamer
The Guardian

Chingaza and Bogotá Pt.2: Downstream Influence on Upstream Health

Originally published on The Guardian. Water management is still the biggest obstacle in achieving equal distribution of water resources. Pollution, coming mostly from Bogotá’s domestic input, threatens the Chingaza watershed and the ecosystem services it provides to the inhabitants of such region.
By Everardo Esquivel
The Guardian

Should US mothers be paid to donate placentas?

Birth is messy. It’s often not until you’re pregnant that you learn about the third stage of labor – the bit after the baby appears, when the mother pushes out the placenta that has provided life support for the previous nine months. In developed nations, birth is assumed to be safe. Yet in the United States, the maternal mortality rate doubled between 1990 and 2013, and infant mortality rates are rising in England and Wales, due largely to social inequality and cuts to maternity services. As
By Matilda Battersby
The Guardian