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Backup Online Work

Publications delete old content, companies shut down and articles get deleted. Journo Portfolio generates backups of your online articles so you never lose your work.
Backup a URL article

1. Add articles to your portfolio

Add your online URL-based articles to your portfolio. Journo Portfolio will automatically extract the details of the article such as the date, title, description and image.

2. Automatic Backup

Journo Portfolio will automatically back-up the articles in two formats: as a PDF and as a screenshot.

3. Switch in the Backup

If the original article is ever taken offline you can seamlessly switch to linking to the backup instead.

Why would your articles go offline?

Link rot (also called link death, link breaking, or reference rot) is the phenomenon of hyperlinks tending over time to cease to point to their originally targeted file, web page, or server due to that resource being relocated to a new address or becoming permanently unavailable.

Websites delete old articles, businesses cease trading and newspapers shut down. It happens constantly - even at big organisations and publications. Don't lose your work when it does and rest assured all of your work is being backed up the moment it gets added.

Huge props to @journoportfolio... previous client took down blog posts I wrote for them, but Journo Portfolio had them automatically backed up for me!
— Robyn Petrik

Trusted by 1000's

I host my digital portfolio on @journoportfolio because they automatically create a back-up pdf of my work. Super important because stuff in the online world does just disappear sometimes.

— Jessica Michael (@thejessmichael) November 17, 2022

Re-did my writing portfolio quick with @journoportfolio (emphasis on quick) and it's much better than what I was using before. Super simple to set up and the design looks awesome.

— Ben Sailer (@bensailer) September 30, 2020

Highly recommend @journoportfolio for any of you budding young journalists who want to assemble an online portfolio.

— James Mayer (@JamesMayer) September 24, 2020

@journoportfolio is easier and cheaper than squarespace, i'm happy with it

— Hope Henderson (@hoperhenderson) October 20, 2022

My portfolio/blog got a major upgrade! I love how my articles and blog posts are on display with this website! built with @journoportfolio

— Abby Wojcik (@iamabbyn21) September 25, 2020

Are you looking to showcase journalistic work? I like @journoportfolio.

— Mark Yarm (@markyarm) September 25, 2020

I use @journoportfolio and I love it! I find it the easiest to customize

— Stephanie Nieves (@wordchefsteph) August 31, 2022