25 Best Marketing Portfolio Examples + Why We Love Them

25 Best Marketing Portfolio Examples + Why We Love Them

Jessica Michael
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Want to design an impressive digital marketing portfolio but don’t know where to start? These 25 marketing portfolio examples will get you inspired and ready to build your own!

So you're ready to show the world your marketing skills, land clients, and create the marketing business of your dreams. But how do you convince clients that you're the best person for the job? A well-designed digital marketing portfolio is one of the best ways to show a potential client what you do and how well you do it.

In this article, we'll show you 25 excellent marketing portfolio examples to inspire you to create your own. 

Our Top 25 Marketing Portfolio Examples

1. Rhonda Bradley

Visit site: rhondabradley.com

Rhonda is a full-time SEO and content marketing specialist who works with clients on SEO copywriting and email campaigns. Her portfolio aesthetic is simple and straight-to-the-point, with an easy-to-find services page that gives potential clients an immediate grasp of what she offers. Her landing page has a schedule button front and center, a great CTA to convert potential clients into new clients. It also boasts a sampling of her articles, with the option to view her full portfolio, so right off the bat, clients are impressed with her professionalism.

WHAT WE LOVE: Rhonda includes pictures of her happy clients next to their testimonials, which makes their praise of her work even more impactful. Rhonda Bradley Portfolio Example

2. Ryan Kane

Visit site: ryankane.co

Ryan writes articles for SaaS companies, with a focus on B2B marketing. Ryan keeps everything all in one place, with a scrollable landing page that includes his portfolio, testimonials, and About Me section. His back-and-gray color template makes the graphics on his articles really pop, and the block design emphasizes his focus on tech.

WHAT WE LOVE: Ryan's About Me tops off his page, so you feel like you get to know him right off the bat. He keeps his tone casual while still impressing with his professional experience and testimonials.

Ryan Kane Portfolio Example

3. Lauren Stair

Visit site: laurenstair.com

Lauren is a digital marketer based in Seattle and immersed in the thriving tech scene. Her softer color palette creates an inviting marketing portfolio website, with large photo buttons on her landing page that link to her About Me, Services, and Contact pages. Her portfolio showcases her breadth of experiences, with search bars that allow clients to find articles by name, date, publication or tag.

WHAT WE LOVE: We love that she includes a telephone button with her social media buttons. With over 80% of web searches happening on mobile devices, this gives clients an immediate outreach option.

Lauren Stair Portfolio Example

4. Kayla Canfield

Visit site: kaylamarketingjourney.com

Kayla is currently studying Communications as an undergrad and developing her marketing and PR business. She's done a great job utilizing sample case studies to create an online marketing portfolio for beginners that's convincing even as she builds out her professional experience. Her pink-and-white color template and personal tone are inviting, while she uses her About Me and portfolio to showcase her marketing knowledge. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Kayla includes a CV pdf link in her Nav Bar. That means she can utilize her portfolio in her job search and give freelance marketing clients a chance to see her full professional background.

Kayla Canfield Portfolio Example

5. Emily Hanover

Visit site: emilyclaires.com

Emily has over 6 years of marketing experience in the B2B and B2C spaces and has helped social media accounts that she's worked with grow by 50%. She has a lovely design concept for her marketing portfolio, using a lavender color palette and whimsical paintings for her button links, giving her marketing portfolio a distinct branded voice. Her portfolio itself becomes an advertisement for her design work.

WHAT WE LOVE: Emily uses each page of her portfolio to full advantage, while still maintaining cohesion. From testimonials to work philosophy to her design gallery, her online marketing portfolio gives a comprehensive peek into how she works.

Emily Hanover Portfolio Example

6. Avion Baker

Visit site: avionbaker.com

Avion is a social media and project manager with a background as a TikTok influencer. Her landing page jumps right into her marketing work samples, divided into sections by client. This shows potential clients how her work is adaptable to their brand message, as well as how she manages social media campaigns. She has a separate Case Studies page, where she breaks down her strategy and results for two of her campaigns, a great way to show clients her strategic skills. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Avion uses her About section to highlight her professional experience and breakdown her skillset and the tech platforms she is adept with.

Avion Baker Portfolio Example

7. James Descombes

Visit site: jamesdescombes.com

James has been a copywriter for over 20 years and has worked with some of the biggest name brands around. His landing page displays a grid of brand logos like Amazon, Samsung, and Best Buy. Impressive at first glance, each logo is linked to a case study and copywriting sample page for that brand. This essentially creates mini portfolios for each brand, showing the breadth of his work in an easy-to-navigate form.

WHAT WE LOVE: James has great professional experience and lets it speak for itself. His marketing portfolio example is an excellent model for marketers that already have a ton of experience and credibility.

James Descombes Portfolio Example

8. Zainab Omran

Visit site: zainabomran.com

Zainab is a digital marketer specializing in graphic design and social media management. She's chosen a cool, blue color template for her marketing portfolio. Examples of her work are displayed in scrolling carousels on her landing page, which not only give a sense of her work, but also creates a dynamic interface for her portfolio.

WHAT WE LOVE: Zainab has a separate video portfolio page for her video design work. That's a great way to let her special skills shine.

Zainab Omran Portfolio Example

9. Jenn Smith

Visit site: jennwordsmith.com

Jenn is a full-time writer with a brand strategy background. Jen's marketing portfolio mixes images, words, and different sections to create visual interest, all while keeping the focus on her abilities with easily accessible testimonials and work samples. She's got a prominently displayed "Hire Jen" button on her landing page that leads straight to her contact form, giving potential clients a nudge towards hiring her.

WHAT WE LOVE: Jen takes advantage of password protection by requiring a password to view her marketing portfolio examples of her work. This ensures that only the clients she wants to view her work can see it, and it protects the confidentiality of the brands she's already worked with.

Jenn Smith Portfolio Example

10. Jimi Tarvainen

Visit site: jimitarvainen.com

Jimi is a marketing professional based in Finland. This online marketing portfolio example shows how impactful a distinct design aesthetic can be. From the B&W header photo that greets you on his landing page to his personal favicon, Jimi's industrial minimalism style creates cohesion and visual interest from the get-go.

WHAT WE LOVE: Jimi gives each of his sample marketing campaigns their own page, which means he can fully expand on the type of work he did for each brand.

Jimi Tarvainen Portfolio Example

11. Cory Anna Jones

Visit site: coryannajones.com

Cory is a marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years of experience. The pastel color scheme and softly focused photos that she chose for her site create a peaceful feel. She uses her About Me to highlight work experience, philosophy and specialty certificates, all while creating a sense of connection and personality.

WHAT WE LOVE: Cory divides her marketing portfolio work samples into sections based on the type of work they represent (content creation, strategic planning, etc). This lets clients get straight to the point and find marketing examples that fit with what they're looking for.

Cory Anna Jones Portfolio Example

12. Katie McNeil

Visit site: katiejmcneil.com

Katie is a professional marketer with an extensive journalism background, which she highlights in her well-written About Me section. Her landing page gives a sampling of her recent work, while the rest of her portfolio is divided into case studies and extensive work samples. Each type of marketing she does (email campaigns, UX writing, etc) gets its own page, utilizing her marketing portfolio to full advantage.

WHAT WE LOVE: Katie sets off her portfolio with a large professional bio pic that greets you on her landing page. This immediately creates a sense of connection and shows tha value of a professional photo for your marketing portfolio.

Katie McNeil Marketing Portfolio

13. Michael Boyink

Visit site: www.boyink.com

Michael Boyink is an award-winning writer and photographer who works as Managing Editor for a global software consulting and implementation company. Michael spent eight years travelling the USA in an RV with his wife and their two children while continuing to work and homeschool.

WHAT WE LOVE: Mike's great home page photo really makes his portfolio site stand out from the crowd.

Michael Boyink Portfolio Site Example

14. Katie McEntire

Visit site: katiemcentire.com

Katie is a digital marketer and video producer. Her About Me page and separate section on her landing page are personable, funny, and convey both her creativity and professionalism. Her embedded resume means clients can get to know her full range with a quick scroll, and her extensive video portfolio page is impressive, including both her editing and scriptwriting work samples.

WHAT WE LOVE: We love Katie's fresh green color palette, which matches well with her photo choices and crisp grid design.

Katie McEntire digital marketer portfolio

15. Olohireme Ajai-Ikhile

Visit site: olohireme.com

Olohireme is a tech content marketer with over 4 years of experience. He uses his landing page to showcase testimonials, one of the most convincing ways to land a client. He also gets into detail about the types of marketing work that he does, giving a short summary of how he works with each category.

WHAT WE LOVE: Olohireme helps to pad out his portfolio with a blog page. His well-written blog articles give him a chance to showcase his content skills and are a great way to create a marketing portfolio for beginners.

Olohireme Ajai-Ikhile writing portfolio example

16. Sophie Hares

Visit site: sophiehares.com

Sophie is a content marketing writer, editor and journalist. Her B&W simple design is straightforward and to the point. In her About Me, Sophie highlights her experiences as a journalist and how that led to marketing. Portfolio examples of her work are displayed on the first page, making her portfolio one of the most concise, yet impactful examples on this list.

WHAT WE LOVE: This portfolio example shows how simple a marketing portfolio can be and yet still contain all of the relevant information a client needs. This is a good option if you have an impressive body of work that speaks for itself.

Sophie Hares portfolio website example

17. Nathan Hambleton

Visit site: nathanhambleton.com

Nathan is a VFX artist and digital marketer. His portfolio combines both of these talents into a visually stunning site, using large photo buttons that link to examples of his work. Their bright colors and impactful grid design immediately catch the eye, and each button opens a window where you can view his content sample.

WHAT WE LOVE: Hovering over a photo button reveals a brief summary of what each marketing sample consists of, so you can decide which ones you'd like to view in more detail.

!Nathan Hambleton writing portfolio example

18. Pinar Cepni

Visit site: pinarcepni.com

Pinar is a graphic designer, content creator and digital marketer. Her portfolio really shows of her skills as a designer, with a unique logo, avatar creations that populate her buttons and headers, and color scheme that works well with her designs. She's also included letters of reference and her CV, good options for designing a digital marketing portfolio for beginners.

WHAT WE LOVE: Pinar makes great use of the social media buttons in her Nav Menu, including her CV and Medium account. Remember, including other platforms where you have a presence creates connections that can pay off in business later on.

Pinar Cepni portfolio website builder example

19. Tasneem Hooghart

Visit site: tasneemhooghart.com

Tasneem is a content creator and digital strategist that works with companies in the sustainable development fields. Her bright, cheerful grid template is clear and easy to navigate and gives her brand an uplifting feel. Large bright buttons support navigation and stay consistent with her brand's feel.

WHAT WE LOVE: Taneem gives her articles and other content mediums separate pages to shine. This makes her marketing portfolio's clean design even more efficient, and helps clients find what they need without having to search.

Tasneem Hooghart portfolio example

20. Sara Nguyen

Visit site: sarajnguyen.com

Sara is a B2B SaaS and cybersecurity marketing specialist. This is a marketing portfolio example that makes great use of color blocking, with alternating turquoise and white block sections. This makes her portfolio visually interesting and helps the content of each block stand out.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sara sprinkles testimonials throughout her marketing portfolio website, in addition to featuring a testimonial page. That she has this many satisfied clients speaks volumes that no amount of content could.

Sara Nguyen content writer portfolio example

21. Shania Heerd

Shania is a digital marketer and designer based in Maryland. Her Black, white, and green color template enlivens her marketing portfolio. Examples of her design work appear not only in her gallery, but throughout her sight as design elements in her portfolio. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Shania's design experience shows up not only in her graphics, but in her expert use of varying fonts which give her text visual impact and a unique brand identity.

Shania Heerd designer portfolio example

22. Zanthia Dwight

Visit site: zancreative.com

Zanthia is a B2B and Direct-to-Consumer marketer. She's created a unique logo for her brand and utilizes it as a design element throughout her portfolio. She also integrates her logo's coloring, creating a cohesive aesthetic. She also organizes her writing samples into case studies, so clients can see not only her writing skills but how they can drive an entire campaign.

WHAT WE LOVE: Zanthia uses different layouts for each page but still maintains an overall aesthetic by sticking to her color scheme and brand design elements. This creates interest without confusion.

Zanthia Dwight portfolio example

23. Amelia McKithen

Visit site: ameliamckithen.com/)

Amelia is a B2B marketer with 10+ years experience. Her gentle color palette is complemented with a simple block design and natural photos and graphics. She makes it easy to contact her by forgoing a contact form page, instead listing her email in her footer and linking an email button in her Nav menu.

WHAT WE LOVE: Amelia keeps it simple, with only a Home page, a portfolio page, and a CV pdf. Sometimes, that's all you need.

Amelia McKithen portfolio example

24. Lloyd McIntosh

Visit site: loydmcintosh.com

Lloyd has a background in journalism, marketing, and communications. His featured work is displayed in a grid pattern on his Home page, so clients are immediately exposed to his work samples. The rest of his writing samples are divided by subject matter and given their own page, which shows off his expertise in various sectors.

WHAT WE LOVE: Lloyd makes good use of his header photos, choosing high-quality shots that illustrate the subject matter of each page. It turns this marketing portfolio example into a story.

Lloyd McIntosh example

25. Nicole Gottselig

Visit site: nicolegottselig.com

Nicole has decades of experience in marketing, which she showcases well by choosing only the best of her many work samples to display on her portfolio page. She does the same on her Live Events page, where she hosts samples of livestream events that she's moderated. Choosing your highest quality samples ensures that clients see the best of your talents.

WHAT WE LOVE: Nicole is also a podcast host and gives that it's own separate page. If you have a skill related to your digital marketing, it can be great to add that to your marketing portfolio. Examples include art and design, event planning, and writing projects.

Nicole Gottselig example portfolio

Now it's time to build your own marketing portfolio

We hope these 25 marketing portfolio examples have inspired you and shown you some of the many ways you can create a marketing portfolio that best showcases your work and your talents.  From impactful visual elements to interesting design templates, testimonials to social media buttons, your marketing portfolio should be an expression of your brand and your best chance to convert potential clients into paying clients.

Learn more about how to get started!