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A journalist based in the UK with experience in foreign news and travel writing.

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Latest Articles

Big Dairy and the Squeeze on Small Town New Zealand

Working in the dairy industry is hard work. It requires a huge amount of dedication to work before dawn every day in often harsh and difficult conditions. That hard work was once an investment New Zealand farmers made, as they earned their way to achieving one of the age-old dreams of this country—becoming a farm-owner.
By Baz Macdonald

The Scholar Helping America Grapple with Its Ugly History

Shock has emerged as the signature emotional response to the organized confusion of the Trump era. The president is at war with the same agents of federal law enforcement investigating his old campaign. Just months after an alt-right rally in Charlottesville ended in death, emboldened white supremacists are littering college campuses with propaganda. And an immigration system that was already broken has been thrown into even more chaos by a White House bent on vindictive, nativist policies. All
By Kim Bellware

Inside the Drunk, Violent World of Tree Planting in Victoria’s Bush

In 2017 I made $60,000 in four and a half months. I managed to put 187,600 pine trees in the ground, which will become about 52.6 hectares of forest. That forest will be there for the next 25 years, until it's chopped down for timber and any remaining saplings are torched via flamethrower from a helicopter.
By Nat Kassel

What Real Therapists Think of TV Therapists

"I'm not trying to make him happy—I am trying to cure his depression!" As a radio psychiatrist, Frasier Crane may not always have the most therapeutic answers for his callers. But the main character of the sitcom of the same name is one of the most beloved TV psychologists regardless. How do we know? We gathered real mental health professionals and asked them what they thought about their favorite TV doppelgangers. "[Fraiser is] clever, witty, warm, ... philosophical, and pragmatic," said Cara
By Renee Fabian

‘The Pain is Still Inside Me’: No End In Sight to the Plight of Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah

Sehabudin stands in his former home that was destroyed by an anti-Ahmadiyah mob. Syahidin has been attacked for his faith so many times that he keeps a record in a tattered notebook that lists each instance of hate, each time an angry mob rampaged through his village, and each time he watched helpless as his home went up in flames. Syahidin is a member of the Ahmadiyah Muslim faith, a sect of Islam that believes that Indian religious leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad—not Prophet Muhammad—was Islam's f
By Tsering D. Gurung