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I’m Ashley Pemberton, a news reporter at the Goole Times. For the time being at least, this website ...

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Independent journalist writing about place branding, soft power & public diplomacy. Founder and editor at PlacesBrands.

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After university, Ian trained at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and worked as an actor. He ran ...

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This is the portfolio site for awarding-winning journalist, film-maker and author Dan Nolan.

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Latest Articles

Apple 'planning Mac upgrade' alongside iPad refresh

Last week Apple sent out invitations confirming an event for October 16, where it is widely expected that a new iPad Air will be unveiled. The Californian tech giant is being characteristically tight-lipped over exact details, but has dropped a heavy hint at things to come in the form of the invitation’s tag line: “It’s been way too long.” The intimation of a long overdue upgrade is widely tipped to refer to the launch of a new Mac line-up, alongside new iPads . Despite Macs now representing l
By Sian Gardiner

Qatar money saving tips: cutting costs in a wealth hotspot

Qatar’s wealth statistics make impressive reading – it has the highest GDP per capita based on population size of any country in the world. Yet it’s easy to overlook another glaring headline figure – the country’s rate of inflation. This is on the rise, driven by significant hikes in household rents and the cost of imports like furniture, food and clothing. Expat salaries and allowances often fail to keep pace with the rising cost of living. After significant outlays such as housing costs, scho
By Victoria Scott

The new trends and big names in luxury furniture design

You can attach the "luxury" tag to furniture based on its price, but isn’t that, well, a bit cheap? Style and innovation - priceless qualities that underpin eye-catching design - are better benchmarks. Certain trends stand out. Computer-controlled manufacture creates works of startling precision and complexity. Unusual materials, from burnt wood to beach detritus, recast ideas of what can be used to make a chair, table or light. Unique or limited-edition pieces, meanwhile, bring exclusivity to
By Norman Miller

Woman surprises 'homeless' man with McDonald's meal - then realises he isn't actually homeless

To anyone who's ever embarrassed themselves in public, spare a thought for good samaritan Claire Varin. Claire, 33, a full-time carer, recently popped into McDonald's in Halifax town centre to pick up some breakfast. Among her fellow McDonald's patrons, she spotted a rather dishevelled-looking man with a rucksack, who had no food in front of him - instead, he was was eating ketchup directly from the sauce dispenser. Concluding, not unreasonably, that the man was homeless and hungry, Claire de
By Ashley Pemberton

LVMH backs London online fashion business Lyst

Bernaud Arnault, the billionaire owner of luxury fashion house LVMH, has become an investor in Lyst, one of London’s newest online fashion retailers, after taking part in a $40m (£26m) financing round. The latest fundraising comes on the heels of online fashion rival Farfetch, which raised $86m last month in a deal that valued it at more than $1bn . Lyst's founder Chris Morton, who started the business in 2011, refused to comment on its valuation saying he took the decision early on that it wo
By Katy Lubin

Digital literacy 'as important as reading and writing'

When I was at school, ICT was labelled, rightly or wrongly, as the “doss lesson”. Unlike English, maths and science, ICT was not tested and, as such, was universally thought of as an hour of either surfing the internet, or falling asleep over yet another lesson in Microsoft Office. Considering the importance placed on digital literacy in many career roles, the new 2014 curriculum, announced in July by Michael Gove the Education Secretary, seems a step in the right direction. With the focus shi
By Allison Krok