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Latest Articles

Conference of Youth for climate change has less participation from Latin America

The Conference of Youth, event that precedes the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), has received 90% fewer Latin American participants than planned. The two Summits, that should initially happen in Santiago, had to be transferred to Madrid because of political protests in Chile.
By Camila Luz

The Cancerous Growth of Depression

Depression does not appear suddenly; it is more of a cancerous growth. It starts out as a small unnoticeable mass that grows over time, and by the time you find it it’s too late; it has officially taken hold in your brain with no way out, no cure. It’s just there. It’s a cancer that is built upon the base of negativity and hopelessness. Where these symptoms take hold of you and overpower every aspect of your life until it becomes who you are, these feelings no longer are just “feelings” they are
By Reese Gorman

Conversational English class in Monterey Park brings different generations of immigrants together…

In a small library study room, a group of Monterey Park residents was discussing a fender bender that struck one of their peer’s car that morning. Nancy Cheung was walking to her parked car when a driver pulled out of the spot behind her without checking oncoming traffic. That’s when another car struck the driver, who then slammed into Cheung’s back bumper. “Nancy did not have a good day,” said instructor Daisy Lui, who then asked another student, Tony, to recap what had just happened to Cheun
By Lauren Giella

Blockchain — Origin and Evolution

There are loads of articles out there to explain you about Blockchain but most of them give a very loose definition of what it actually is. This article aims to cover the origin and the evolution of Blockchain. I have tried my best to give a gist of it so that the reader gets some basic understanding of the building blocks of Blockchain. It all began with a research done by Stuart Haber and W.Scott Stornetta on “How to time-stamp a digital document”. In order to protect a digital document fro
By Piyali Hazra

I Survived Cancer. What Do I Do Now?

Why a change in perspective may not be life-changing. I am awake. It’s the middle of the night, and the house is eerily silent. My eyes are open, but my body lies entirely still, paralyzed in thought. Should I try to move? What if I can’t? A feeling of familiarity washes over me as I hear the faint sound of the pulse in my temple rhythmically brushing the pillow ever so slightly. This was the place I tried to get to when I was sick. Feeling that pulse reminded me that I was still alive, and dur
By Robert Jackson

A Personal Perspective on Journalism

I have an unusual background that makes it difficult for me to write anything autobiographical. However, having been recently pressured to share how my personal experiences have shaped my perspective on journalism, I decided to do so in an article, so I don’t have to repeat myself. I have had a traumatic life. If you have ever been neglected, abused, or molested as a child, lost someone you loved to suicide, been in an accident, had a near death experience, taken care of someone who is dying, b
By Emily Follett-Campbell

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s Security Costs Included Trip To Disneyland

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt brings his security detail with him just about everywhere, including personal trips, according to a letter from a Democratic senator obtained by CNN. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island said he has new evidence, given to him confidentially by an anonymous source, that Pruitt uses his expensive security detail on non-official business trips, including vacations to Disneyland, the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, and back home to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whitehouse said he
By Tyler Callister

15 Local SEO Tips For a Small Business

You probably have noticed that whenever you search for something on Google (especially if it is location-specific), there are a Top 3 of businesses that pop up along with a map. This is called the “Local 3-Pack”. The 3-Pack replaced the “7-Pack” which used to show…. well 7 local business related to your search instead of 3. Obviously, 3 is a smaller number than 7, which means it is now harder to be at the top of the search engine results page (SERPs). And in case you didn’t know, the SERPs are
By Brandon Rhodes

The Future of Finance: Open Banking and Blockchain Synthesis

Open banking enables networking and aggregation of users’ financial data across various institutions with the aim of providing customized services. Financial institutions and third-party service providers can get a more accurate picture about the financial status of a consumer by examining the aggregated data. Such information can be used in determining each customer’s risk levels and terms for instance, when issuing loans. On the other hand, consumers are made aware of their financial health, which can help in budgeting and decision making. For instance, a customer can use an open banking app to automatically calculate the kind of car or house they can afford using the information from their various accounts.
By Edwin Kinoti

Philosophical Meditation– How It Paves a Clearer Path to Self-Knowledge

Meet the daily practice that gives you the emotional clarity you need to know yourself better. How well do we know ourselves exactly? A question that’s stood the test of time and perplexes us on a day to day basis, sometimes throwing us off track with how much it rings true. We can all look back at days where something feels extremely off, and we find ourselves acting in a manner that’s “out of character” for us. Those are the days when we are genuinely taken aback by the realization of just ho
By Banafshe Salehi

Seven Tips for Conquering Activism Overload

Get woke AF! Be a responsible citizen of the world. Stop climate change, reduce your carbon footprint, march for women, avoid single-use plastic, protect immigrants, sublimate your unconscious biases, support #me too moments, call out dog whistles, call out all of everything! Take a deep breath … OK, don’t get me wrong. All of these and more are important. I believe in global citizenship and expanding social and cultural awareness. I do. I teach these concepts to college freshman. I live what I
By Kimberly Read

Neil Varma: What Makes an Effective Leader?

Neil Varma has managed sizable, complex projects throughout his career — one that spans across both the public and private sector and includes more than four years of military service in the U.S. Air Force. A proven project manager, Varma has time and again demonstrated the qualities of an effective leader, someone capable not only of keeping a team-oriented project on track, but who also knows how to inspire people to action and perform beyond even their own expectations. So, What Makes an Ef
By Neil Varma

10 Soul Healing Lessons from 2019

How to heal yourself through spiritual enlightenment I’m thankful for whoever is reading this. Whether I directed you here, or you sought me out — by choice or by chance, I appreciate your time in being present on the other side of this page. Each year Spotify names your top artists, songs, and genres of the year based on your listening history. Beloved singer/songwriter in the conscious musical community, Trevor Hall, was my top artist of the decade. His track featured as the title of his lat
By Courtney Brown

The Age of Unregulated Cryptocurrency Is Coming to an End

New regulations are being proposed for cryptocurrency all over the world. It’s too soon to know exactly what effect this will have on the digital currency, but change is coming. The cryptocurrency market rose to its peak in 2017 when bitcoin hit $20,000. But soon after came the great plunge, leaving many to wonder if cryptocurrency was dead. However, it gained new attention when Facebook announced its intention to enter the digital currency market with Libra. With this new attention shining on
By Jennifer Geer

Our Love of Almond Milk is Killing the Bees

Why is almond farming particularly dangerous to bees? • The popularity of almonds. The California almond business is booming. Since 2000, the amount of almond orchard acreage in California has gone from 510,000 to an estimated 1.17 million in 2019. Almond milk plays a big role in this, the market is expected to grow from $5.3 billion in 2018 to $13.3 billion by 2025. • California almond orchards are a monoculture environment. Bees need biodiversity to stay healthy, but they aren’t getting it on
By Jennifer Geer

Book Review: Policing Hong Kong: An Irish History by Patricia O’Sullivan

Throughout the history of the British Empire, men from the British Isles would travel to colonies to work in administrative positions and even the police. Hong Kong was one of those, with several of the recruits moving to the colony from Newmarket a town in County Cork in what is now the Republic of Ireland from the 1860s. In the summer of 2009, Patricia O’Sullivan’s 90-year-old aunt asked her to find what happened to her Uncle Murt in Gresson Street. From this point and looking at family histo
By Gursimran Hans

Sacred islands — how community and culture are driving sustainability in the Bijagós archipelago…

Off the Atlantic coast of West Africa lies a lone, small, densely forested island with a tiny lighthouse. Otherwise untouched, it also boasts another more impressive beacon — a magical golden beach. Here, every year, between July and October, driven by instinct, thousands of green sea turtles from all over West Africa return to the very place they were born.
By Justin Woolford