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Dorothy Musariri

Freelance writer with a passion for current affairs, politics, entertainment news and fast cars.

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Specialisms: Politics, News, Entertainment

Isabelle Gheldolf

Investigative journalist from Belgium with international experience. Specialized in European Union and world politics, food policy, globalization and ...

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Abbianca Makoni

Humanitarian and current affairs Journalist. Broadcaster.

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Skills: Video Editor, Feature Writer, Broadcaster
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Brett Scruton

Likes to write. About things. Current Master's Candidate at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and ...

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Thainá Kedzierski

Jornalista e Assessora de Imprensa graduada pela Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa e especialista em Social Media. Pós-graduanda ...

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Skills: Video Editor, Translator, Reporter, Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: Travel, Social Media, News, Journalism, Food, Entertainment, Education, Culture

Rubén Farfán Crispín

Llevo algún tiempo escribiendo, creando historias de mundos paralelos, algunas otras para mundos más cercanos. De hecho he ...

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November 2018 Farming Monthly National

Two years on, it seems Brexit is here to stay, meaning that some of Britain’s biggest industries are currently developing new business plans to ensure business continues even in the cloudiest of political climates. Looking forward, many industries are using Brexit as an opportunity to improve Britain’s domestic strategy and independency as a nation. Leading land-based institution, Hadlow College, recently held a roundtable event where industry thought-leaders discussed a variety of topics, inclu
By Katie Hagan

A Look At The Effects of Climate Change

According to Weather SA, climate change is a natural, expected phenomenon. The earth’s climate changes from warm to cold cycles, and takes hundreds of years to move from one cycle to another. However, modern human influence is causing the earth’s climate to change much faster than it should be. The primary cause of climate change is the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning coal, oil and natural gas.
By Nicole Ludolph