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I am a freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Writing from Georgia Southern University. I …

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Olá! Sou André Lourenti Magalhães, natural de Campinas-SP e graduado em Comunicação Social - Jornalismo pela Universidade Estadual …

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Plan the Perfect Hiroshima Vacation

Hello Hiroshima Association, where I work as a director, has launched a new project of an online experience to introduce potential foreign tourists to Hiroshima on Airbnb. My role is to coordinate this project by managing meetings with my 10 team members, forming a collective opinion, and summarising these ideas into a presentation in English. The website of Hello Hiroshima Project:
By Miki Matsuda
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Article: “The Popularity of Fake” - Digital Page 17.

One of the most popular shows is Better Call Saul. When it comes to movies, The Batman’s popularity is off the charts. But what buries them all is the popularity of fake. Fake is the rage. Fake news, fake "breaking news", fake statistics, fake polls, fake faces. The world of fake is escalating

SA Mining March/April 2022

Caterpillar autonomously hauls more than one billion tonnes of material Promotions at NSDV Third-party rail access now a reality University of Pretoria to launch research centre for mechanised mining systems The frequency of power outages creates downward pressure on productivity, labour output and the performance of mining and other key sectors. Can – and should – mines go o the grid? Renewable energy plants won’t allow mines to go completely o -grid just yet – but will allow them to make sig
By Benjamin Van Der Veen
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