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Latest Articles

North Korea EXPOSED: Pyongyang tortures CHILDREN for crimes their parents commit

The shocking revelation comes as tensions have reached breaking point on the Korean peninsula as a war of words between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump has followed North Korea’s ballistic missile tests.  The UN called on Pyongyang to stop child labour in farming, mining and construction as well as discriminating against youth for the crimes of their parents. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child called it the “ideological indoctrination” in its education system and malnutrition among North
By bhargav reddy

Catalonia independence referendum: Spain restricts airspace over Barcelona

Civil Aviation, an institution of the Ministry of Development that regulates and controls Spanish airspace, has ordered to restrict flights over the city of Barcelona. The order was made at the request of the Government Delegation in Catalonia amid security fears and mounting tension over the independence referendum.
By Sophie Williams

Theresa May 'ready to give EU better Brexit deal’ over divorce bill AND citizens rights

The move is set to anger hard line Brexiteers from her party who have already accused the Prime Minister of backing down from a hard Brexit. EU negotiators are expecting Britain to accept the divorce costs of around £40 billion and also agree on a way to ensure the legal rights of EU citizens living in the UK. David Davis has already announced a u-turn which will allow EU citizens in the UK to appeal to British courts using European law.
By Sophie Williams

Virgin Mary statue has 'CRIED and MOVED' since deadly Mexican earthquake

The Virgin Mary statue in Mexico has started to cry, villagers claim Some 344 people died in the devastating earthquake that hit Mexico, leaving buildings in the capital completely destroyed. Hundreds  including politicians have flocked to the village of Cupilco in the southern part of the country following reports of the weeping statue.
By Sophie Williams

Hannan slaps down Adonis for using Bombardier row in anti-Brexit claims

The remarks came after Labour peer Lord Adonis referred to Tory MEP’s comments on the single market as “total idiocy” during a spat on Twitter. Mr Hannan had initially posted a comment on the social media site declaring the Bombardier tariff “won’t put America first”. He said: “It will destroy jobs in aviation and raise prices.” The US Department of Commerce has imposed a tariff of nearly 220 per cent on imports on a new model passenger jet made by Bombardier risking thousands of UK jobs.
By Sophie Williams

Gang 'throw liquid and burn' victim in horror attack as police launch manhunt

The man was involved in an altercation with the group in Magdalen Street, Colchester, Essex at around 7.15pm on Wednesday. The gang of four had been verbally abusive to the man and a woman with him. They then beat him and threw liquid at his face outside a number of shops which were open at the time.  He was treated for injuries including a burn to the face however the liquid is not thought to be acid.  The woman was unharmed in the incident.
By Sophie Williams

World War 3 threat: Russia plots to build 'drone swarms' capable of making decisions

The drones will be able to take off, reach a designated location and then come to a decision on how to cope with the task they have been given entirely on their own. Russian state media says the drones are being produced by state owned radio-electronic technology group KRET, a company that specialises in aircraft and electronic warfare. Vladimir Mikheyev, an advisor to the first deputy CEO of the group said: “We are gradually moving towards remote controlled aviation.”
By Sophie Williams

ISIS OBLITERATED: British jets have smashed evil caliphate with 1,500 airstrikes

Sir Michael Fallon has emphasised the role the RAF has played in degrading ISIS ISIS has now lost three quarters of its territory in Iraq and over 60 per cent of its hold in Syria. UK jets and drones have destroyed targets including weapons stores and mortar teams as the country helps to defeat the jihadi group. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: ”Britain has made a major contribution to the campaign that has crippled Daesh since 2014, forcing this miserable cult from the gates of Bag
By Sophie Williams

Drink-drive girls escape jail and head straight for pub

Kaitlyn Morris and Alesha Peers celebrated as they avoided jail after a drink drive crash Peers, who had no driving licence, had been drunk on white wine when she took her mother’s Honda Civic for a drive, with Morris as a passenger, in Newton Heath, Manchester. Alesha Peers, 18, and Kaitlyn Morris, 19, headed straight for a hostelry and later a wine bar, after walking free.
By Emma James

‘No more wine for the wife’ Newlywed groom arrested after fiery airport row on honeymoon

Darren Stanway was arrested at Manchester Airport after an aggressive fight with his new wife.  The 39-year-old arrived at the airport to start his honeymoon with Nadia, 34.  But Stanway claims his wife drank three bottles of wine before they arrived, as he drank beer in the taxi.  By the time they got to check-in, the couple had missed their flight to Malta, which started a fiery row.  Stanway was heard saying: “Stupid b**** - it's all your fault” to his new wife.
By Emma James

WATCH: Meddling Corbyn & Abbott buddy up to EU negotiator Barnier as they exchange gifts

The Labour leader, who is a lifetime Arsenal fan, arrived in the Belgian capital with Diane Abbott to try and sway Mr Barnier, who is leading the bloc’s team of lawyers, into a softer Brexit. Even Ms Abbott looked confused as Mr Corbyn handed over the gift before Mr Barnier returned the favour with a poster of the Savoie, an area in the French Alps of which Mr Barnier has sat on the General Council...
By Rachel King