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Victoria Stunt

Victoria Stunt is a freelance journalist based in Medellin, Colombia. She works in print and radio, and has ...

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Skills: Reporter, Feature Writer, Broadcaster
Specialisms: Travel, Technology, Politics, Journalism, Features

Matthieu Favas

With roots in the wine industry, I now cover global investment in agribusiness. Keen on economics and finance, ...

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Takahiro Hasegawa

長谷川高宏| ジャーナリスト。東洋経済記者を経てフリー。英エコノミストに寄稿実績。An independent journalist writing about business, finance and economics from Japan. Freelance work has appeared in The ...

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Thomas Graham

I’m a British journalist and writer. I have lived and reported from across Latin America and the Iberian ...

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Skills: Reporter, Feature Writer
Specialisms: Travel, Science, Politics, Film, Features, Culture, Art

Stefan Simanowitz

Stefan Simanowitz is a London-based freelance journalist writing & broadcasting on politics & culture from around the world. ...

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Specialisms: Politics, Culture, Art

Latest Articles

Pepe Carvalho, Spain’s best-loved detective, returns

PEPE CARVALHO is Spain’s most famous detective. In 23 novels over 32 years, he idled in Barcelona’s cafés and bars and fell in and out of love; sometimes he solved cases. Often more gripping than the machinations of criminals were his observations of the transformation of post-Franco Spain, particularly Barcelona, Carvalho’s adopted city (he hails from Galicia).
By Thomas Graham
The Economist

Mauricio Macri hopes for a recovery in time for the next presidential election

A as much for its financial crashes as for its juicy steaks and nifty footballers. But even compared with its usual performance, 2018 was a particularly miserable year for the economy. The worst drought in 50 years wrecked the corn and soyabean harvests, knocking 2% off . The peso lost half its value against the dollar, pushing inflation to 46%. That tipped the country into its second recession in three years and led to a crisis that forced it to seek one of the largest credit lines in the ’s hi
By Jack Aldwinckle
The Economist

They used to kidnap tourists. Now Colombia’s ex-rebels run a hotel for them

When the FARC was a guerrilla army, among its many illegal sources of income was the kidnapping and ransom of tourists. It started disarming in 2016 but is still making money from tourists in a more peaceful way. In Camp Mariana Páez in Meta province, about eight hours’ drive from Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, visitors can “live like a guerrilla” with 260 demobilised members.
By Luke Taylor
The Economist

Two films prompt a debate about portrayals of Spain’s Roma on screen

For a wandering people, Andalusia, at the edge of the Iberian peninsula, is the end of the road. Many Roma have settled there and, compared to communities in other European countries, they are well integrated. They make use of education and health care, as well as housing and employment programmes; culturally, Roma are the lifeblood of flamenco. But when it comes to representation on screen, they are either invisible or mocked.
By Thomas Graham
The Economist