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Sarah Brown Portfolio

Sarah Brown

Content creator. Writer.

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Skills: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Broadcaster, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Sports, Social Media, Science, News, Journalism, Environment, Culture, Business
Nasim Asl Portfolio

Nasim Asl

Journalist: Currently with BBC Question Time. Former BBC Reporter based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Worked for BBC Scotland's The …

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Skills: Video Editor, Sub-editor, Reporter, Editor, Copywriter, Broadcaster, Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Politics, News, Journalism, Features
Channing Smith Portfolio

Channing Smith

University of Wisconsin- Madison

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Skills: Reporter, Photographer, Illustrator, Feature Writer, Editor, Designer
Specialisms: Social Media, Journalism, Culture, Art
Pablo Rodero Portfolio

Pablo Rodero

Trabajo en la sección de reportajes del periódico 20 Minutos en Madrid y, en los últimos años, he …

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Skills: Translator, Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Politics, News, Journalism, Environment, Education, Culture
Anaelys Trochez Portfolio

Anaelys Trochez

Senior mass communication major • News reporter • Writer • Reader • Learner

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Skills: Reporter, Poetry, Photographer, Creative Writing, Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Journalism, Features, Education, Culture
Mechelle Little Portfolio

Mechelle Little

Freelance Writer | Communication Management

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Skills: Translator, Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Sports, Social Media, Journalism, Health, Features, Environment, Education, Culture, Business, Art
Jessica Whitty Portfolio

Jessica Whitty

Broadcast journalist at PRIME7 News Formerly, print and online journalist.

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Skills: Reporter, Feature Writer, Broadcaster
Specialisms: Travel, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Features, Education, Business
Leanna First-Arai Portfolio

Other Examples

Josh Sparrow

Hey, I'm Josh. Welcome to my portfolio. I'm a copywriter from Raleigh, NC with more than five years …

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Skills: Copywriter

Samuel Yeoman

Copywriter. Journalist. Word Magician.

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Skills: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Technology, Social Media, Journalism, Health, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Betsy M. Narváez

Bilingual Writer, Translator, and Creative Professional

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Skills: Translator, Editor, Copywriter

Leslie McCollom

Leslie McCollom, author, content strategist and producer living in Portland, Oregon.

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Skills: Copywriter

Chris Warner

I am a seasoned writer/copywriter with a long career in technical/B2B publishing that includes both 15 years with …

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: Journalism, Art

Michael Behrenhausen

Seasoned Denver-based copywriter and editor, as well as a designer and musicianspecializing in marketing copywriting/editing, layout design and …

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Skills: Editor, Designer, Copywriter
Specialisms: Music

Andrea Gastaldon

CONTENT STRATEGIST COPYWRITER Portfolio servizi di Content Marketing e Digital Pr

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Skills: Copywriter

Georgia Sanders

I’m a writer and content expert. That’s kind of vague, I know. What it means is, I can …

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Skills: Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: News, Features, Entertainment, Art

Elizabeth Gow

Screenwriter - Blogger - Artist - Freelance Copywriter - Social Media Specialist - Production Designer

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Skills: Designer, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Art

Ashley Claire Simpson

Copywriter and corporate communications professional by day. Award-winning writer seeking more opportunities 24/7. Atlanta, Georgia transplant from Northern …

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Skills: Copywriter

Shanice Gravesandy

Senior Content Writer & Digital Journalist Atlanta, GA

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Skills: Copywriter

Lisa Bigelow

I'm an experienced copywriter with a large, diverse portfolio of digital and print projects. I've helped small businesses, …

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Skills: Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Business

Jessica Swanda

Freelance writer | Content strategist | Marketing consultant

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Skills: Editor, Copywriter, Blogger

Cyd Casados

American born, London-based. Freelance Health & Wellness Writer. Author of The Daily Action Plan: Steps to Finding a …

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Skills: Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: Art

Benjamin Gorman

The most engaging SEO content on the web comes from our team of vetted copywriters. Get the very …

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Skills: Translator, Copywriter

Tyler Omoth

I am a freelance writer who specializes in finding the unique angle for any topic tossed my way. …

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: Sports, Art

Paul Sillers

Welcome to my portfolio: I'm a London-based freelance features writer, columnist and corporate communications copywriter focused around the …

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: Travel, Features, Culture, Business, Art

Khee Hoon Chan

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Skills: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Technology, Social Media, Music, Journalism, Features, Entertainment, Culture, Art

Kate Aucella

Copy Manager & Content Curator "Clothes-minded content, tailored to fit your brand."

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Skills: Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter
Specialisms: Social Media, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment

Michael Roche

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Skills: Editor, Copywriter

Felicity Kitson

I love telling stories for the greater good. For the last five years I have worked in the …

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: Travel, Health

Mark Smith

I'm a freelance journalist, marketing content writer and copywriter based in Liverpool, England. Following a career in newspapers …

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: News, Journalism


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