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Stephanie Kupty

The digital landscape paves the way on my quest to create compelling user-centric content

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Aprilia Tri

Hi! saya suka menulis dan melakukan riset/penelitian. Saat kuliah, saya aktif di organisasi pers dan melakukan penelitian-penelitian.

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Tracie Hearne

Multimedia reporter with a background in gaming, tech, and world news. On-camera personality and interviewer. Video games professional.

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Skills: Reporter
Specialisms: News

Anna Livia Brady

Freelance blogger and copywriter specializing in lifestyle, fashion, and culture.

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Marcin K.

Pasja do czegoś innego.

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Elyscia Vaughn Brown

My name is Elyscia Vaughn Brown, and I think I have exceptional writing skills with an even more …

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Nur Farah Karim

A final year, Bachelor of Arts student from UNSW majoring in Politics & International Relations. Whether it's through …

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Skills: Proofreader, Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Politics, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Business

Kerstyn Ziesmer

My name is Kerstyn Ziesmer. I am a freshman at UWGB and from Ripon Wisconsin.

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Kathleen Lindsay

Literature Lover | Film Buff | Social Media Guru | Analytical Mind | Feminist | Coffee Addict

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Specialisms: Social Media, Film

Morgan Jefferson

I am a multi-disciplinary writer who delivers creative and engaging copy across numerous platforms. Skilled at adapting to …

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Skills: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Technology, Social Media, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Education, Business

Brandon Morgan

An experienced games journalist with years under his belt. Brandon is constantly practicing his craft and working to …

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Júlia Costa dos Santos

Jornalista e Técnica em Panificação e Confeitaria. Encantada por histórias, escrita e tudo que envolve a panificação e …

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Roque Francisco Lagahit

Always driven to grow in order to create an impact wherever I am. Currently, working in the digital …

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Kaela Skabelund

I was born in Mesa, AZ and I've lived there my whole life. Growing up I quickly found …

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Jaela Molina

I am born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and I am 17 years, currently attending Red Mountain High …

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Sam Muggleton

Brisbane based music writer and publisher, currently working for AAA Backstage. A passionate creative, aiming to bond my …

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D Larissa Peters

Experienced communicator with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Experience in digital fundraising, …

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Lizete Dos Santos

Born and raised in Swaziland to Portuguese & Mozambican parents, I am a multimedia journalist passionate about human …

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Lauren Davies

International History and Politics student at the University of Leeds. Feminist and Labour Party member.

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Specialisms: Politics, Art

Kevin Allan

Freelance Games Industry Writer/Meodia

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Siu Tan Wong

I am a journalist / documentary maker. I work at Scripps Washington Bureau.

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Lucas Gerardi

Formado em Comunicação Social - Jornalismo na FMU-FIAMFAAM. Apaixonado por jogos desde que me conheço por gente e …

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Benjamin Gorman

The most engaging SEO content on the web comes from our team of vetted copywriters. Get the very …

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Skills: Translator, Copywriter

Jeremy Pohn

I am a proven email marketing strategist and social media specialist, demonstrating consistent growth in both mediums using …

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Skills: Copywriter
Specialisms: Social Media

Cami Studebaker

Clever writer and public relations professional in Dallas, Texas

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Dennis Pope

Sports Writer / Columnist / Editor / Show Runner / Podcast Host

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chalista margaretta

Fall in love with music!

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Jon Cardinelli

Jon Cardinelli is a multiple award-winning sports writer and multimedia journalist specialising in rugby and cricket across print …

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Carmen Vernon

I can kick my leg behind my head, but I can't dance my way out of every situation. …

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Laura Spitalniak

D.C.-based journalist with print, digital and audio reporting experience. Currently at WTOP News as the Evening Producer.

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Martin Coulter

Journalist covering technology and politics. Bylines in the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Sun, Daily Star, Politics Home …

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Rizki Febianto

Halo, saya Rizki.Saya adalah fresh graduated dari Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta. Saya mengambil jurusan ilmu komunikasi dengan …

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Megan Keating

Megan Keating is an account coordinator in the Allison + Partners San Francisco office, where she works on …

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Sonia Polzella

Hi! I'm Sonia, your average city girl who swapped her life for the country a few years back. …

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kirti Sharma

Enrollment no: 1706101119 Course. BJMC 6th Semester Subject: "PROFILE MANAGEMENT"I am a journalist,Power of being self dependent can …

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Brett Lawrence

Believer in the power of well-lived and well-told storiesWriting // Editing // PRBranding // Marketing

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Skills: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Technology, Sports, Social Media, Science, Politics, News, Lifestyle, Journalism, Food, Film, Features, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Beqa Lipartia

მე ვარ ბექა ლიპარტია, 22 წლის, ვსწავლობ საქართველოს უნივერისტეტში ჟურნალისტიკის ფაკულტეტის მესამე კურსზე, ჩემი ჰობია ხატვა და თავისუფალ …

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Luiz Fernando Hanysz

Graduando do 6º período de Jornalismo na Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR). Experiências como fotógrafo e social media …

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Midhat Fatima

Literature student, Book reviewer, content writer.

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Mohamed Nagy

a young talented graphic designer, video editor, and front-end web developer willing to sharpen his skills and explore …

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Ben Slater

Writer for Glass Magazine covering events, travel, culture, arts and music. Trained as an architect, currently a graphic …

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Skills: Designer
Specialisms: Travel, Music, Culture, Art