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Alexis Davis

​My name is Alexis Davis and I am a sophomore Martin Luther King Scholar at Ithaca College. I'm ...

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Todd Marsha

I love turning words into emotions.

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Paulina Szlaga

Słowo pisane ma dla mnie duże znaczenie, nabiera wagi. Faceboook: Ewa Collection 1-10.2018 Zmniejsz dystans. Kupuj lokalnie. 1-10.2018 ...

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Georgina A

An exquisite blend of a highly academic individual with a dash of quirkiness, confidence but also a touch ...

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Leah Dobihal

I grew up in a house where books were a part of daily life. As soon as I ...

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Skills: Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Travel, Lifestyle, Food

Cassidy Dickens

I'm a professional copy editor with over five years of experience across a variety of genres and fields ...

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Carol Flythe

I have been very passionate about writing since I was a young teenager. I also love reading which ...

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Specialisms: Art

Sheila Grady

Sheila Grady is a copywriter, editor, and content strategist from San Francisco, CA. An entertainment industry dropout, she ...

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Rosie McCobb

I am a writer, photographer, and filmmaker, and always keep my eyes and ears open to learn about ...

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Skills: Photographer
Specialisms: Film

Jordan Ray

TCU '15, B.A., Journalism Northwestern '16, M.S., Journalism Houston-raised digital journalist with a passion for telling stories in ...

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Specialisms: Sports, Journalism

Yael Fishman

Writer. Blogger. Ghost writer. A wordsmith who gets excited about digital marketing and writing for SEO. Content creator ...

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Skills: Proofreader, Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Politics, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Film, Features, Fashion, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Alice Northrop

I am a freelance writer, with experience in industries ranging from fashion and features editorial, to grounds care ...

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Skills: Editor
Specialisms: Features, Fashion

Alex Borkowski

Freelance writer and blogger out of Chicago.

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Lucy Hobbs

My name is Lucy and I’m an avid writer and explorer living in Brighton. As a journalist and ...

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Ali Zombie

That goth music journo. Words for Metal Hammer, Reviews Editor for Rock Sins and Planet Mosh contributor.Previously TeamRock ...

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Skills: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Specialisms: Social Media, Music, Lifestyle, Features, Entertainment

Diego Lopes

My name is Diego, but people call me Jack for some reason. I like it. I also like ...

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Specialisms: Music, Film

Bodie Dykstra

Specializing in player profiles, data analysis, and sports history for fans and fantasy team owners.

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Specialisms: Sports

Hanshini Appannah

Hanshini is a freelance writer passionate about creative writing. She is currently studying for a Ba(Hons) English at ...

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Sarah Title

D.C.-based editor and writer with a focus and passion for weddings, bridal fashion, travel, celebrities and pop culture. ...

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Geoffrey Cabral

Hi! I'm Geo. I'm 22 years old and is currently living in the Philippines. I'm working right now ...

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