Published on 16th March, 2018

Introducing the Academic Plus Subscription, Free for Students!

We know life as a student is busy and full of writing opportunities so we wanted to make sure you can showcase your work in the best way possible. That’s why we’re introducing the Academic Plus Subscription for students!

The new Academic plan offers students a free subscription to the Journo Portfolio Plus plan. While the Plus plan is normally $60 a year, the Academic plan is available free of charge for full-time and part-time students at a school, college, or university in any country.

Students will have access to all the same features offered in the Plus plan. Along with a domain, you’ll have the ability to add unlimited articles to your portfolio. You’ll also be able to add an unlimited number of pages to your portfolio, which means you can create different pages for your biography and contact information, or organize your articles by topic or publication.

Getting set up on the Academic Plan with Journo Portfolio is easy. Head to the sign-up page, create a profile using your school email address, and then we’ll send you an email to verify your student status.

Already set up on a Journo Portfolio account? No problem! If you’re a student, you can easily switch to the Academic Plan. Just head to the Billing section under Account settings in your dashboard, and you’ll go through the same email confirmation process.

Your free subscription to the Academic Plan will automatically expire after 12 months, but we’ll send a re-activation email to your school email address so you can renew for another year. If you’re no longer a student, then we’ll move you to the Free Plan or you can choose to subscribe to either the Plus or Pro plan.

The Academic plan with Journo Portfolio is a terrific perk for students and a great way to give your writing career a head start. If you have any questions about this new plan, feel free to chat with us in the Dashboard or send us an email at

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