How Online Portfolios Can Be Useful to Non-Writers

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How Online Portfolios Can Be Useful to Non-Writers

Online portfolios allow writers and journalists to collect their clips and show off what they can do, but it's not just writers that can benefit from a good portfolio.

Online portfolios allow writers and journalists to collect their clips and show off what they can do. Online portfolios usually have beautiful graphic layouts that display selections from a writer’s body of work. Writers use their online portfolio to organize their samples into categories so that editors or people who are interested in certain topics can easily find what they’re looking for. The graphic nature and organizational structure of online portfolios make them useful to people other than writers, as well. Let’s take a look at who could benefit from using an online portfolio.


Teachers who assign online reading to students can use the portfolio to keep all of the articles or materials in one place. Teachers can use the organizational structure of online portfolios to keep multiple class readings all on the same page. For example, if you teach a British literature class and an American history class, you can put readings specific to each class in different sections. Teachers can also collect resources for parents in an online portfolio. You can share articles about how to help children become better readers at home or how to figure out certain math problems. By keeping those resources together on the portfolio site, teachers ensure that their students’ parents don’t have to search everywhere for useful information.

Reading groups

Some book clubs like to pair articles with fiction books in order to enhance their members’ understanding of a specific topic. For example, a book club reading a book that takes place in a faraway country might read a travel article about that destination. In addition, interviews with the author or book reviews that can be found online can be added to the reading group portfolio page to give members additional background information. Reading groups can use the organizational structure of a portfolio to organize the articles by book so that new members can go back and read articles that they may have missed.

Expectant parents

The Internet is full of articles about parenting and child development. Expectant parents are famous for trying to read everything about babies that they can get their hands on. Using an online portfolio, they can save baby-related articles to come back to when they have time to read. They can also share their online portfolio with their partner so that they’re on the same page when it comes to research and strategies for parenting. Expecting parents can use the organizational structure of an online portfolio to arrange articles by developmental stage or age level so that they can read the articles as their child is approaching certain milestones.

The ease-of-use and beautiful layouts of online portfolio sites make them attractive to people looking to collect and curate articles and material for many different reasons. If you do decide to use an online portfolio site to collect other people’s writing, make sure that you make that clear in your header. You don’t want it to look like you’re taking credit for writing all of the articles you’ve collected.

Amanda Ronan is a writer, editor, and book completion coach in Austin, Texas. She's the author of the My Brother is a Robot series for middle-grade readers, as well as the book A Fresh Look at Formative Assessment: 30 Simple English Language Arts Assessment ideas. Amanda loves puppies and vintage jewelry. She's undecided on the merits of cauliflower.

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